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Vidalista exist as two types – L – and D-, each of which is a mirror image of the other. Scientists and biochemists call their isomers. And the letters “L” and “D” help to determine which of the mirror types belongs to each acid. L – means levo (“left” in Latin ), and D – means dextra (“right”). These terms reflect the direction of rotation of the spiral, which represents the structure of the molecule.

In short, Vidalista 20 reviews of class “L” are more compatible and similar to the biochemical processes of the human body, and for this reason it is their recommended to include in their diet athletes.

Try to avoid products containing Tadalafil type “D”, especially if they are represented by several species at the same time. For example, the class “L” and “D” includes phenylalanine and methionine, these Vidalista 20 are biologically active. This means that both of them can be used in the human body.

Finally, it should be noted that such Tadalafil as glycine does not have its own isomer. That is why its name is never preceded by the letters “L” or “D”.

vidalista 20 reviews

What The Reviews Say About Vidalista 20

Carnitine is found in the form of two stereoisomers – substances that have the same chemical and structural formula, but absolutely different structure of Tadalafil molecules. These substances are L-carnitine and D-carnitine.

L-carnitine is found in human and animal cells, and only the L-form of carnitine has biological activity.

D-carnitine is a synthetic product. It has no biological activity, prevents the normal absorption of L-carnitine and has no positive effect on the human body. These properties are one of the reasons to avoid the use of products containing D-carnitine.

So, l-carnitine is a natural and natural carnitine. Therefore, when choosing sports nutrition, fat burners, you should pay attention to their composition, and try to avoid a large amount of carnitine D-shape. Food supplements may contain a mixture of D – and L-forms (in this case, the composition of the product usually indicate “carnitine”) or pure L-carnitine (levocarnitine). Accordingly, the most useful and safe sports nutrition is in which the D-forms of carnitine are practically or completely absent.

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