Vigora 100 mg


Generic Name: SILDENAFIL-100 MG
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Generic Vigora 100 mg is a highly effective pharmacological drug that can be ordered online without leaving home, created specifically to restore male potency or improve the quality of sexual contact. The value that had the appearance of this tool in the consumer market, some experts estimate equally with the breakthrough that occurred in medicine with the introduction of penicillin.

Contrary to popular belief, Vigora 100 does not have some kind of psychotropic effect and does not cause artificial sexual attraction. This is a myth created by filmmakers. The action of the drug is the organization of effective blood circulation in the pelvic region, which allows the sexual organ to respond unhindered to the corresponding signals of the brain. That is, an erection is achieved naturally, and not artificially, being a natural reaction to the excitation…


  • The drug generic Vigora is for men who have difficulty with erection.
  • Due to rapid resorption in the body, just 30 minutes after taking the pill, you will notice a rush of blood to the penis.
  • After taking sildenafil, you can have sex for 4 hours. The time for recovery between sexual acts is minimal.
  • The drug is well tolerated during the primary and repeated admission.
  • Erection occurs only with excitement.

Operating principle

As already noted, the main active ingredient of Vigora 100 is sildenafil, the main purpose of which is to improve blood flow in the pelvic region. Thanks to the latter, the tension and stiffness of the gonads is relieved, which in turn leads to unobstructed blood flow to the penis and erection.


Since the drug itself is a depressant effect on the body (blocking the work of the enzymatic departments), it should not be taken by patients who suffer:

any form of leukemia;
sickle cell anemia;
dermatological diseases of the type of multiple myeloma;
chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Also, “Vigora 100” is contraindicated for retestants with hypersensitivity to sildenafil or any form of penile deformity. Generic is prohibited to use together with drugs to restore potency or with those containing nitrates or donators of oxidized nitrogen.