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Tadalista Super Active 20 – fast speed of appearance of effect.

Tadalista Super Active is a potency regulator from the famous Indian pharmaceutical company Fortune Health Care. The main active substance of the drug is Tadalafil, which is considered one of the best medicines among all potency regulators.


The drug “Tadalafil 20 mg”, which can be bought in our online store, is shown for use when:

  • erectile dysfunction;
  • partial or complete absence of an erection;
  • psychological form of impotence.

The medicine promotes the rapid appearance of elastic erections, the expansion of the vessels of the spongy body, and the improvement of the emotional state.

Advantages of capsules for the potency of “Tadalist Super Active”

Capsules for the potency of “Tadalist Super Active” are characterized by increased effectiveness. The active substance in them is in an easily digestible gelatinous form. Therefore, the drug begins to act much faster. Advantages of Tadalista Super Active capsules:

Speed. “Tadalyst 20 mg” begins to act after 20-25 minutes. When other medicines are just “thinking”, it is already working.

No restrictions in the diet. To take capsules for potency, you do not need to give up your favorite dishes. The medical formula of the new generation does not interact with any food.

Economical. The drug “Tadalist-20” is several times cheaper than the untwisted “Cialis”. In this case, the effect of both drugs is similar.

Reliability. This tool has 100% reliability. After taking the erectile dysfunction there will be no chance.

Long period of action. The active substance Tadalafil “works” up to 36 hours (depends on the psychological and physiological state). During this period, sexual contact with a partner will invariably lead to a permanent erection.

Easy tolerability. The drug is easily transferred, quickly excreted from the body.

Positive impact on self-esteem. One of the most negative effects of erectile dysfunction is a decrease in self-esteem. Successful sexual intercourse best removes from a state of stress.

Tablets Tadalista positively affect the emotional, psychological, physiological state.

The specialty of Cialis generics in capsules

Tablets and capsules with a common main acting ingredient, although they fulfill one goal, but do it in slightly different ways. If the pill is designed for prolonged absorption of the substance into the blood with a gradual digestion, then the capsules are on the contrary in order to act as quickly as possible. Their shell in a few seconds is destroyed by the action of gastric juice and gives an outlet to the medicine. Thanks to this the speed of appearance of the effect from Tadalist Super Active is even higher than that of Tadalafil tablets. It varies within 25-30 minutes.