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Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which a person can not achieve an erection or support it. The widest distribution of ED is among the elderly over 65. However, recently more and more young people notice signs of impotence. This is due to the constantly increasing load (physical and psychological), malnutrition, unhealthy regimen, sedentary lifestyle and other factors. But do not worry. Scientists claim that in 90% of cases, impotence can be treated.

Methods of treatment of erectile dysfunction

One of the most effective methods of treatment is the use of analogues of Tadalafil, the price of which is quite affordable for everyone. There is also a surgical method involving implant placement. However, the intervention of the surgeon does not always end safely, and the sexual act becomes half-artificial. It is much more reliable to use specialized medicines if necessary.

Tablets for male potency Tadaga-60

Tablets for male potency Tadaga-60 are intended for oral use. They are also known as “Tadaga Super“. Many men think that this is really a super-tablet. They are characterized by high efficiency, rapid achievement of the desired effect, low probability of side effects. The drug provides the man with maximum freedom and independence from tablets. After taking the erection is maintained in proper condition for 24-48 hours.


Generic Cialis Tadalafil helps to overcome impotence, caused by any reasons:      

  • endocrine (hypogonadism);
  • metabolic (smoking, overweight);
  • psychosocial (depression, depressed state).

In most people, erectile dysfunction is caused by several reasons. In addition, starting from the age of 30, the muscular cells of the penis begin to age. The muscle tone of the genital organ decreases, which negatively affects sexual function.


The active substance of the drug Tadaga Super is Tadalafil. It was developed by the largest pharmacological company “Eli Lilly”. The medicine “Cialis” (the marketing name Tadalafil-60) has become incredibly popular due to a long period of action. Only the price prevented widespread distribution of funds. The cost of Cialis, unfortunately, is available to a few. Therefore, Indian scientists have created a new drug, completely analogous to Eli Lilly, but much cheaper.

Operating principle

Tablets “Tadaga Super” have a vasodilating effect. Soon after admission in the groin area, blood circulation is greatly accelerated. Tadalafil inhibits the action of the enzyme phosphodiesterase, which leads to an increase in blood cGMP. The smooth musculature of the penis relaxes and no longer holds back the increased blood flow. The cavernous bodies receive the necessary volume of blood and increase in size. A member becomes firm, large, elastic.