Manufacturer: PAREX
Package: 1 STRIP X 6 PILLS

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Manufacturer: PAREX

SildalistSildenafil 100mg (Viagra) + Tadalafil 20mg (Cialis) (blister 6 tab x 120mg). Sildalis – fast and safe restoration of potency. With it, you can easily restore your masculine strength and sexual abilities, gain self-confidence. Advantages of the pharmacological agent Sildalist: First of all, this drug is a drug that includes two main components: Sildenafil and Tadalafil.

The first is necessary in order to cause a state of excitement. Due to its effect, the level of blood flow to the genital organs considerably increases, which is why an erection occurs. The second component is an enhancer of the action of Sildenafil, and its individual effect is to prolong the erection and delay the end of the sexual intercourse. Such a combination of two similar effects leads to the fact that the pharmacological agent Sildalist: causes the erection of the penis in just fifteen to twenty minutes after administration (while identical drugs start to act only in an hour, the effect lasts a long – thirty-six hours.

This time is more than enough to commit several full sexual acts; the preparation Sildalist practically has no contraindications – it is not recommended for reception only in case of presence of allergic reactions to components (individual intolerance) or serious diseases of the cardiovascular system; this drug is absolutely harmless to the body of a man and carries only a positive result. The likelihood of any side effects is reduced to almost zero due to the small dosage and the high quality of all the constituent components.