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Filitra Professional (Vardenafil) is a new popular drug for strengthening and restoring an erection. A modern alternative to Viagra with a minimum of side effects.

Filitra Professional (Vardenafil, generic Levitra) is a new drug for increasing and restoring the potency in men. The onset of action is 30-60 min. The duration of the action is 8-12 hours. The effect of the drug is not dependent on food intake. Sildenafil is well compatible with alcohol. At the first application, for an estimation of individual tolerance of a preparation together with alcohol, it is recommended to lower a habitual dosage twice. The recommended frequency of application is once a day. The recommended dosage is 20 mg.

Effects and sensations from the use of Filitra Professional (Levitra) – a powerful and powerful erection, which occurs even with little stimulation. I want to have a lot of sex. Full confidence in their capabilities.

The advantages of the drug in comparison with analogues

Unlike many other drugs in this group, Levitra has virtually no side effects. If you decide to buy Levitra, you can combine the pill with a small amount of alcohol and any food. The main advantages of the drug include:

  • mild effects on the body;
  • prolonging intercourse in a natural way;
  • compatibility with tablets that delay ejaculation;
  • prolonged erection, which passes after orgasm;
  • real feelings during intercourse.

If you decide to buy Levitra, you may not be afraid for your feelings, since the drug does not interact with the central nervous system. On our website you can buy Levitra directly from the manufacturer, which guarantees high quality of the drug. In addition, only here you get the opportunity to buy Levitra at the lowest prices.

Side effects: None in 98% of cases. Very rarely: headache, indigestion, nausea, hot flashes (periodic sudden reddening of the face, sensation of heat).