Vilitra 60 (Vardenafil) is the most powerful inhibitor (blocker) of phosphodiesterase type 5, stimulates persistent and prolonged blood filling of cavernous bodies, most of which are located in the genital organs. Consequently, it affects the erection in men and increase the sensitivity of the inguinal zone in women. Much more effective than Sildenafil and Tadalafil. The duration of work is similar to Viagra (4-5 hours). The fundamental difference lies in the speed of the beginning of the action, with Vilitra 60 you are already 10-15 minutes after receiving ready to perform sexual feats on a new level.


The whole essence of the action of Vardenafil is to block the enzyme – PDE5, which does not relax the smooth muscles in the cavernous bodies (penis). Once you take a tablet Vilitra 60, one natural, limiting factor becomes less, and the emergence of an erection almost nothing prevents, except your natural desire, without which it is impossible. Immediately it is necessary to dispel the myth, and the fear of many beginners who think that taking the pathogen they will walk for several hours with a constant riser. This is not so, because blood filling occurs only under the action of a nerve impulse that comes from the brain to the nerve processes in the esophageal bodies. As a result, there is a release of nitric oxide and local relaxation of tissues, after which the vessels expand and the blood flow does not interfere with filling the genitals.

Vilitra 60 works much more effectively on men than on women for natural and understandable reasons. When taken orally absorbed by 10-15%, the maximum concentration of the substance is achieved in 20-40 minutes after application.

It is important to note that if you take Vardenafil with water, the rate of absorption increases, since it dissolves perfectly in it, and is better absorbed in the stomach. When taken with fatty foods aphrodisiac gains its power much later, namely in 1-2 hours.

vilitra 60 vardenafil

How To Take Vilitra 60?

Like any other type 5 phosphodiesterase blocker, it is taken 20-30 minutes before intended sexual intercourse, with a moderate amount of water. Vilitra 60 is combined with alcohol, and the complex works even better, but the load on the heart at the same time increases. If you have health problems, we strongly advise you not to combine the supplement with alcohol.

Possible Side Effects of Vilitra 60

Vilitra 60 is a drug with many years of practical experience worldwide. In addition, it has passed all stages of clinical research and has long been sold in pharmacies and various online stores in different countries. The most common side effects are:

  • dizziness (the most common feeling, manifested in 10-15% of cases, passes after a few hours);
  • blood filling of the skin (happens in 5-10% of users, is purely external effects);
  • nasal congestion (this uncomfortable feeling happens in 3-5% of people);
  • indigestion (the most rare side effect, it happens in 1-2%, is most often not associated with taking vardenafil, but with concomitant food that is poorly absorbed).

The above problems are short-term, and pass immediately after the termination of the drug.