Preparations for potency

Every man is proud of his male power. But unfortunately, his male power can often fail him, undermining his pride. If a man is not capable of full sex, then his life is painted in dull colors, and he may not notice the joys in life. His self-esteem falls, he loses faith in his own strength, becomes sullen and withdrawn.

Statistics show that every fourth man suffers from impotence. But do not despair. In these cases, drugs will help to increase the potency of your sex life.

Classification of drugs

Depending on the composition, all drugs for improving potency are divided into 3 groups:

  • Drugs containing cantharidin – which cause physiological reactions in the penis;
  • Drugs that include yohimbine – which accelerate blood circulation and increase sensitivity in the genital area;
  • Drugs for fortifying – these improve the general condition of the body.

According to the mode of action of the drug, things that increase the potency are:

  • Inhibitors of phosphodiesterase;
  • Hormone drugs based on testosterone;
  • Alternative means.

Preparations for improving potency, included in the first group, block the action of phosphodiesterase and activate nitric oxide, contributing to the filling of the penis with blood and the appearance of an erection. But the erection is manifested not as a result of the action of the medicine, but as a result of sexual stimulation. ViagraCialis and Levitra belong to this group.

According to experts – this is the best option for increasing potency. 

Hormonal drugs for potency are recommended in the event that impotence has developed because of the low concentration of sex hormones and contribute to the increase in testosterone levels in the male body. They are available in the form of tablets, gels, ointments, plasters and injections.

To the alternative drugs belong the golden horse, Tongat ali and Tribulus. Their effectiveness is not proven, and popularity is based on the action of advertising.

It is recommended to buy drugs for potency containing cantharidinum to give the penis a permanent erection, improve the quality of sexual life and feel fantastic pleasure.

What are the most popular drugs for potency?

Recently, a variety of drugs have been developed that increase potency. But despite their diversity, the leading positions are taken by 3 drugs:

  • Viagra, who made a revolution in medicine;
  • Cialis, leading in duration of action;
  • Levitra, restoring the potency in the most hopeless cases.



Medicines that increase potency are completely safe and easily removed from the body. But in some cases, they cannot be accepted. They are contraindicated in the presence of chronic diseases and in old age.

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