How long does it take to place an order and receive it?

Once your transaction has been verified, you will receive an order confirmation email with a list of the items you have purchased.

We process and ship your order within 2-5 business days upon receiving payment. The shipping date of arrival is determined by a variety of factors, including our shipping method, the postal service provider’s efficiency, customs clearance, the route that was taken in transit internationally, and other factors outside of your control. Thus, we can only give you an estimate based on the historical delivery statistics we keep on record.
After the delivery provider issues the tracking code (usually 2-5 business days), shipment to the United States usually takes 7 to 15 business days.

What methods are used to deliver products?

We ship using EMS (USPS) traceable shipping services, which require a signature upon delivery.
To track your package, please visit these websites:


Trace orders internationally, or are being imported into the United States.


Trace orders that have already arrived in the United States.

What methods are used to ship bulk/large quantity orders?

We use relatively small shipping envelopes to ship all orders, if your order is too large to fit in one envelope, we will spread your order over numerous separate envelopes. We always maintain the same level of discretion and packing with larger orders as we do with smaller ones. Plus, regardless of the quantity of your order, you will only be quoted a single fixed flat fee per order, instead of per package (envelope).

How long does it take to deliver my package?

The delivery time ranges from 5 to 17 working days, depending on the destination:

  • To the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia, it takes 5 to 12 business days.
  •  To South Africa, it takes 8 to 17 business days.

Is it possible that there may be a shipping delay?

Because shipping time is affected by a variety of factors such as postal service efficiency, customs clearance, international transit, and so on, we can only provide an estimate based on our data from previous orders.

Typically, 80-85% of airmail packages arrive within 10 days or less, and 15-20% arrive within 10-15 business days. This is due to inconsistencies along the delivery chain process and not due to any handling issues on our side. Most of the time, delays are caused during the customs clearance stage: both in the country from where the products are being sent (export), as well as at the customs office where your order enters the final destination country (import). This is the most common reason why the tracking code website would indicate that your order hasn’t moved for 5 days.