Seven major myths about Filitra 20 are popular misconceptions that many modern men have with regards to erection stimulants. Filitra 20 is a tablet with Vardenafil, which acts on the cavernous body of the penis and the process of blood circulation in General, improving the movement of blood in the vessels, which leads to an erection in the excited state of a man. When used properly, tablets are a safe drug that has a minimum of contraindications and side effects.

Basic Misconceptions About Filitra 20

Below are the myths that scientists and doctors have already given a rational explanation:

  1. Filitra 20 can lead to a heart attack or stroke. In fact, the drug is better not to take patients with severe pathologies of the heart and blood vessels, but in healthy men it will not lead to such an effect with proper use and compliance with the prescribed dosages.
  2. The drug can be addictive, resulting in a natural erection without a stimulant will not be possible. You can take Vardenafil every day with temporary difficulties with potency, then cancel the remedy, and with sexual arousal you will have a full erection.
  3. Filitra 20 reduces its effectiveness while consuming fatty foods. This is unlikely, because the substance enters the circulatory system very quickly, but most experts still recommend to refrain from a hearty dinner with the planned sexual activity.
  4. Pills can provoke a long and painful erection. Experts have already ruled out this situation with the proper use of a stimulant, however, it is not recommended to take medication for priapism and congenital curvature of the penis.
  5. The drug should not be washed down with grapefruit juice to avoid reducing the effectiveness. This is nothing more than an unproven myth, most likely, fruit juice will not affect the action of Vardenafil. However, the best option is to wash down all medicines with ordinary water.
  6. Filitra 20 protects against unwanted pregnancy. Wrong position, which still adhere to some of the men. The drug does not contain hormones, it does not protect either from sexually transmitted diseases or from conception, for this purpose it is recommended to use barrier contraceptives.
  7. Vardenafil is able to strengthen libido and libido. If you do not want to have sex, and the partner is not sexually attractive to you, the stimulant will not help you. The active substance affects only the process of blood movement, dilates blood vessels, but is not responsible for sexual desire. Erection can be achieved only with sexual stimulation of sensitive areas, in particular, the head of the penis.

myths filitra 20

These are the main misconceptions about pills, which are recommended to study before taking a stimulant. If the quantity is calculated correctly and all precautions are taken, Filitra 20 is a safe drug that does not harm health even with daily use. Please note that the remedy should not be taken by underage patients, as well as women, especially during pregnancy. If you have any medical condition, it is recommended that you consult your doctor before purchasing a medication to determine if you should take a stimulant.


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