Zhewitra 60 mg


Manufacturer: SUNRISE
Generic Name: VARDENAFIL-60 MG
Package: 1 STRIP X 10 PILLS

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Zhewitra 60 mg – maximum dosage for maximum effect! You are approaching an important event in your life: a romantic evening with your lover, but instead of euphoria, do you experience only fear? Such a feeling brings discomfort to those men who have already learned of the failure in intimate relationships with women. But the male power does not disappear with the years, if timely respond to the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and decreased libido. Cope with the secret problems of a strong half of humanity can be, if you buy the drug Zhewitra 60 mg.

Zhewitra 60 mg – a pill of happiness for men

The drug Zhewitra eliminates problems with erection and struggles with the causes of erectile dysfunction. Thanks to a safe component (called Vardenafil), one tablet acts quickly on the male body. Therefore, the maximum effect is achieved.

Instructions for use

Before you buy Zhewitra 60 mg, you should consult a doctor. And then study the instructions for use with precision. Zhewitra should be taken before sexual intercourse. After drinking a pill for forty-five minutes before intimacy (you need to drink the medicine with water). If you have consumed a little alcohol or low-alcohol drinks – this is not critical. Also, eating food and eating with cholesterol does not affect the effect of the pill.

You can not experiment with the dosage and take more than one tablet a day. It is worth not to take the drug if:

  • you drank strong alcoholic beverages;
  • you have kidney problems, liver problems;
  • fibrosis of the genital organ is diagnosed;
  • stenosis or you are taking other medicines that contain nitrates;
  • if the patient is under the age of eighteen.

Arguments in favor of the drug

Buy Zhewitra 60 mg is because:

  • one tablet of the drug quickly acts on the body of a man;
  • effect lasts up to twelve hours;
  • affordable medicine costs;
  • the drug can be consumed any time of the day.

Now you know a little secret that will help you surprise your loved one in bed. Get rid of the delicate problem with the drug Zhewitra. Just one tablet and double pleasure is provided to two loving hearts!