Vilitra 60 mg


Generic Name: VARDENAFIL-60 MG
Package: 3 STRIPS X 10 PILLS

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Vilitra 60 mg – a drug for economical men! You probably saw advertising of various means that go cheaper if you buy them in large packages. To the joy of men, this system concerns not only household products, but also pharmaceuticals. After all, the greater the dosage of the purchased pills, the cheaper each gram of the active substance will cost you. Therefore, if you want to easily get rid of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and save money, then buying Vilitra 60 mg will be the optimal solution.

A feature of the Vilitra 60 mg

Any Vilitra (whether it’s Viltra classic dosage or Vilitra 60 mg) is a Levitra generic, a famous drug produced by Bayer. This means that the developers of Vilitra took the German drug for the basic prototype and made it an exact copy. Therefore, the properties of these two drugs do not differ, because the formula is one. By the way, the main active substance of both drugs is the well-known Vardenafil, which gained popularity due to its effectiveness and mild effect on the body.

2 main reasons to buy Vilitra 60 mg

We do not want to spend a lot of your time painting various unimportant advantages or disadvantages. Let’s talk about the most important advantages, because of which, in fact, men decide to buy Vilithra 60 mg.

1. Economical dosage

Dosage of vardenafil for a single dose can be divided into 3 categories: minimal (10 mg), classical (20 mg) and maximum (40 mg). It follows that it is not recommended to take the entire Vilitra 60 mg tablet immediately by doctors, and this is not necessary, since such power is contained in the preparation only for the purpose of additional savings. Each gram of Vilithra 60 mg will cost the buyer 40% cheaper than the minimum dosage, 30% classical and 20% maximum.

2. Soft impact and relative safety

The most popular potency regulators in the world are 4 substances: Sildenafil (Viagra), Tadalafil (Cialis), Vardenafil (Levitra) and Avanafil (Stendra). Each of them has its advantages, which make men prefer them, rather than similar means. One of the biggest benefits of vardenafil in general and Vilitra 60 mg in particular is the mildest effect (Vardenafil is second only to Avanafil, but insignificantly). High softness of impact means that after taking Vitryra you are less likely to experience any side effects (like face redness, loss of color perception, etc.)