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Generic Name: TADALAFIL-40 MG
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TadaSoft 40mg – Definition

TadaSoft 40mg in the domestic market appeared relatively recently, but already managed to win the deserved recognition from the male audience. TadaSoft 40 mg (Cialis Soft) is an effective tool that relieves men from sexual weakness. In fact, this is a generic drug known as “Cialis”, manufactured by Eli Lilly, only it costs an order of magnitude cheaper and is produced in a form different from the original. TadaSoft 40mg can be bought in the form of absorbable tablets. They do not cause harm to the human organism and do not become an object of habituation.


The main active component of TadaSoft 40 mg is double Tadalafil, whose task is to relax the smooth arterial musculature of the penis, which leads to increased blood flow to the phallus. The action of Tadalafil is aimed at activating the enzymes present in the male genital organs, but the drug has no influence on the reproductive system.

Recommendations for use

Tadasoft 40 mg is recommended for men aged 18 to 85 years who have problems with erection. The course of testing was determined that after using this drug male libido increased markedly, the penis acquired proper elasticity in a state of natural erection, which directly positively influenced the duration of the sexual intercourse.

Take the generic should be 20 minutes before the sexual intercourse. The daily dose should not exceed forty milligrams. And then, when the reception is carried out for the first time, it is better to stop at half the dose.

ATTENTION: Do not increase the dose of 40 mg! On the effectiveness of this does not appear, but the probability of side effects can be provoked!


Unlike its original prototype “Cialis”, which must be washed down with water, the generic simply put under the tongue and wait for it to completely dissolve. In addition, to buy TadaSoft 40 mg means to get not just the most powerful potency regulator, but also just a delicious sweet fruit flavor.


Despite the fact that side effects after taking a generic drug are unlikely, it still has some contraindications. It can not be used:

  • hypertensive people and people with cardiovascular diseases;
  • men, with pathological deviations of the kidneys and liver;
  • those who have eye retina disorder;
  • allergic people, who may have reactions to the constituent components.
  • adolescent boys under 18, women and children.

Main advantages

The list of advantages of TadaSoft 40 mg (Soft) is:

  • guarantees of prolonged erection;
  • quick achievement of the desired results;
  • duration of action (about 36 hours).