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Cialis – Tadalista 5mg

The active substance in this drug is Tadalafil – this is a very effective tool for increasing sexual arousal. Tadalafil is a generic Cialis, it acts on the male body in a similar way, that is, it increases the flow of blood to the penis (in this case, the presence of a natural sexual arousal of a man is also mandatory). The main difference between Cialis and Viagra is a longer duration, which can be up to 36 hours. In addition, the effect of Tadalafil is somewhat more pronounced than from his “colleague” Sildenafil.

Active substance: Tadalafil

Alternative names: Apcalis, Erectafil, Megalis, Tadacip, Tadadel, Tadaga, Tadagra, Tadalis, Tadapox, Tadarise, Tadasoft, Vidalista, etc.

Method of application of Tadalista:

  • Take the drug 15-20 minutes before the sexual intercourse.
  • Cialis time: 36 hours (up to 72 hours for 40 mg dosage).
  • The recommended dose of Cialis is 20 mg per day.
  • The maximum daily dose of Cialis is 40 mg.

Main features, advantages and contraindications:

  • Onset: Cialis effect is achieved only 15-17 minutes after admission.
  • Action time: about 36 hours (up to 72 hours for a dosage of 40 mg).
  • Compatibility: Alcohol and fatty food practically do not affect the absorption of Cialis, but only delay for 10-20 minutes the onset of action of this drug.
  • Effect: according to the results of large-scale studies it was found that Cialis also increases sexual desire (libido).
  • Tolerability: excellent, no serious side effects were noted by specialists.

Acquisition of the generic

A great opportunity to return to a normal healthy life and gain the feeling that you are a man, and also a way to surprise a woman can become an exclusive remedy for the generic Wigry. Its action is powerful, it is popular. It happens that a man faces sexual dysfunction. The drug Cialis was able to perfectly recommend itself. Buy Cialis at a low price is quite affordable.

Features of the drug

The cost of Cialis generic drugs is lower compared to the price of a similar product of the same composition. The drug generic Cialis does not have a large number of adverse reactions, but before taking it is important to study the composition of the drug, because each organism is individual.

Unlike Viagra, the generic Cialis is devoid of many side effects, but before taking it is necessary to get acquainted with its composition, it all depends on the individual organism of each man.


  • Increases the effect of erection up to 36 hours.
  • Cialis is combined with fatty foods and alcohol.
  • Thanks to the tadalafil contained in the composition of the drug, there is an increase in blood flow at the time of onset of “fomentation”.