Tadagra Strong 40 mg


Manufacturer: RSM
Generic Name: TADALAFIL-40 MG
Package: 3 STRIP X 10 PILLS

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TADAGRA STRONG-40 (Tadalafil / Cialis 40 mg) – enhanced effect of 2 times.

Tadagra Strong is an analogue of the world-famous drug Cialis – a powerful drug for true and refined lovers! Based on the substance of tadalafil, it has a prolonged effect, as it is guaranteed to improve the erection to a maximum for 36 hours, contains in its composition a doubled concentration of the active substance Tadalafil. The key feature of the drug is its long-term exposure to the male body.

Take the drug at any time suitable for you, for example, in the morning, while within 2 days it will promote the appearance of an erection and its maintenance in the presence of sexual stimulation. An important plus of Tadagra Strong is its compatibility with abundant food and alcohol. Regardless of what food you ate – fat or acute – the remedy will work effectively, increasing libido.

Benefits of the tool:

  • A double dose of the active ingredient provides a high efficacy of the drug;
  • the effect of exposure, including on men, patients with diabetes mellitus;
  • rapid onset of the effect – from 30 minutes;
  • duration of action – up to 36 hours;
  • very low level of side effects;
  • Compatibility with fatty foods and alcoholic beverages.

Usage and dosage:

When using the drug, you must first divide the pill into several equal parts. The minimum dose of the drug is 10 mg, the maximum daily dose is not more than 20 mg. Tadagra Strong should be taken with plenty of water or juice. It is recommended to take the drug for half an hour or hour before the planned sexual contact. However, the peak efficiency is manifested after about 2 hours. Manufacturer: RSM ENTERPRISES Pvt. Ltd. (India).

Who should not use Tadagra Strong

Despite the fact that the drug Tadalafil has not revealed any harm to the body of men, in some cases doctors call it a use dangerous for health. These situations include:

  • a history of acute heart disease in the past 3 months;
  • strokes that occurred less than six months ago;
  • long-lasting chronic or infectious diseases cured less than a month ago;
  • fibrosis of the spongy bodies of the penis;
  • curvature of the penis;
  • priapism.

It is not recommended to take tablets with Tadagra Strong for children and adolescents under 18 years of age, as well as for women, especially if they are pregnant.