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What is Super Zhewitra? This is not an ordinary medicine to strengthen an erection. Super Zhewitra® is an effective tool for increasing the potency and prolonging sexual intercourse. Vardenafil increases blood circulation, supporting an erection, Dapoxetine controls the intake of hormones, delaying ejaculation. The taste is bitter, not allowed with alcohol. Recently appeared on sale, now you can buy Super zhevitra and on our website.

Super Zhewitra: description and operation principle

The drug consists of 20 mg of Vardenafil and 60 mg of Dapoxetine. Produced in the form of round tablets, which are covered with a shell.

Dapoxetine is a substance that promotes the prolongation of sexual intercourse. The principle of action of this substance is based on the absorption of serotonin, so that ejaculation occurs much later. Thus, the sexual intercourse can be extended 3-4 times.

Another substance that is part of the drug (Vardenafil) is a highly selective phosphodiesterase inhibitor of the fifth type. Vardenafil contributes to a significant reduction in the likelihood of various side effects. Vardenafil is effective even in severe cases, when even sildenafil does not allow to achieve the desired effect. It is vardenafil is the main active substance of the drug “Levitra”.

Thanks to the combination of vardenafil and dapoxetine, Super Zhewitra can achieve unimaginable results: the drug will strengthen the erection, and also several times prolong sexual pleasure.

How long does the effect of Super Zhewitra 20 mg last?

To combat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation use the drug Super Zhewitra. Prices for individual drugs are quite high. In the complex, they are much cheaper. Moreover, Vardenafil without Dapoxetine is effective for 6-8 hours. The period of action of the combined preparation is 8-10 hours. This is another advantage of Super Zhewitra. The recall of the medicine left on our website gives the right to a 10% discount.

Super Zhewitra: indications for use

Now you can often find an ad “Buy Super Zhewitra”. But unfortunately, people do not always use the medicine they bought correctly. Often it is used for purposes for which it is not intended. For example, the drug is taken for protection from pregnancy or protection against infectious diseases. These functions are not included in the tasks of Super Gevitra. The instruction gives clear indications for use:

  • increased potency;
  • protection from premature ejaculation.

The review of Super Zhewitra shows that this drug is one of the best in this group of medicines.

Can I take the Super Zhewitra remedy for women?

Super Zhewitra in pharmacies can have different costs. The most favorable conditions are offered by the online store “ShopStoyal”. We try to create the most comfortable conditions for customers. Often, buyers ask whether women can use Super Zhewitra. Reviews on this account give conflicting information. On the web, you can find different opinions. But the Super Gevitra instruction gives an accurate answer to the question posed – the medicine is intended only for men aged 18-65 years.

Instructions for use Super Gevitra

How to take Super Zhewitra? To regain self-confidence, you need to drink 1 tablet 30-40 minutes before the proposed sex. Vardenafil will increase blood flow and strengthen potency. Dapoxetine will prolong the time of sex so that both partners get maximum satisfaction. At the time of intake, not even a small amount of alcohol is allowed. Abundance and fat content of food on the effectiveness of tablets do not affect. Numerous reviews of Super Zhewitra confirm this.

Super Zhevitra: dosage

What dose of Super Zhevit must be taken in order to achieve the desired result? In many cases, half the tablet is enough. If the effect is mild or absent, the dosage is increased to the whole tablet. Reviews Super Gevitra testify that this amount of Dapoxetine and Vardenafil is always enough to achieve a quality erection. The maximum daily dose of the drug is 1 tablet.

The effect of the drug will already be noticeable in half an hour after its administration, but the drug will have the greatest effect in about 50-60 minutes after its administration. During the next 3-4 hours, thanks to the action of dapoxetine, the patient will be able to significantly increase the duration of the sexual act, and the opportunity to get an excellent erection during sexual arousal will last even longer – for the next 8-10 hours.

The drug can be taken by patients suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure. In no case should it be taken to people who have taken nitrate-containing medications in the past six months, as this can cause a drop in blood pressure or even death. Be sure to consult with your doctor before taking any medication in combination in Super Zhewitra.