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Generic Name: VARDENAFIL -20
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Snovitra-20 is one of Levitra’s best generics. This drug is the second line of the rating of drugs for erectile dysfunction. However, recently the generics of Levitra are confidently moving to the first positions in all countries. This is due to a long period of action, a more powerful and reliable effect. The updated formula of the drug allows you to achieve an amazing result in men of any age.


The drug “Snovitra 20 mg” is used to treat:

  • sluggish erection;

Numerous studies have shown that the drug is easily tolerated and extremely effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction of any type.


The main active substance of the generic Levitra is Vardenafil. This is a selective inhibitor of the cGMP-specific enzyme phosphodiesterase. He was invented 7 years after Sildenafil (Viagra). Vardenafil has a more selective effect, an extended working period, a rare manifestation of side effects. If Sildenafil “works” on average 3-4 hours, then the effect of Vardenafil lasts 10-12 hours. Of course, this is more convenient and opens up ample opportunities for a fun day or night.

Operating principle

The principle of the action of the Snovitra tablets is based on the suppression of PDE-5. This enzyme cleaves the guanosine monophosphate necessary to achieve the state of erection. Blocking it, Vardenafil helps to relax the smooth muscles of the penis and increase blood circulation in the groin area. Blood in large quantities begins to wash the cavernous bodies, which instantly swell. The increased blood flow does not allow the process to interrupt ahead of time.

Advantages of Snovitra tablets

Tablets Snovitra have earned the reputation of a fast and reliable means to increase potency. They have become one of the most popular drugs due to the following advantages:

Compatibility with alcoholic beverages and fatty foods. The drug remains highly effective in all conditions, regardless of the time of eating and drinking alcohol.

Long period of action. After taking “Snovitra Vardenafil” is valid up to 12 hours. The recovery period between sexual acts is reduced to a minimum.

Rapid manifestation of the effect. In most cases, Snovitra Vardenafil begins to function in 10-15 minutes. The erection is elastic, stable.

Low price. This drug is a complete analogue of known pills, manufactured under the trademark Levitra. The only difference is a much more democratic low price.

In fact, this medicine has many more benefits. To appreciate them all, you need to buy a drug and enjoy delicious sex.