Penegra 100 mg


Manufacturer: ZYDUS FORTIA
Generic Name: SILDENAFIL 100 MG
Package: 3 STRIP X 4 PILLS

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Penegra 100 mg. When a man’s strength is in question. An imposed stereotype that a man craves closeness twenty-four hours a day and that he has an irresistible desire, despite age and other characteristics of the body – these are just old patterns. Real life demonstrates the opposite: men have problems with potency, and the opportunity to be a hero in bed disappears with age.

To search for a panacea for a man’s disease is not worth it, it is enough to acquire a potency regulator. Among the abundance of known drugs that have a lightning impact on the male body, the top drug included the drug Renegra. Renegra 100 mg on the spectrum of action reminds of Viagra, because it is also a regulator of the potency of the first generation.

Detailed acquaintance with Penegra

PENEGRA is an advanced drug that can be called a panacea for men. The main components of the drug effectively fight erectile dysfunction. And the dosage is great for the average and severe stage. But how to understand that this drug is suitable for the treatment of your stage of erectile dysfunction? Here are brief descriptions:

  1. The initial stage (rare problems with erection, the greatest lethargy of the penis)
  2. The middle stage (regular problems with erection, sometimes you can not get an erection)
  3. Severe stage (self erection appears rarely or does not appear at all)

Sildenafil (the main component of the drug) eliminates such symptoms, because the components of the drug are aimed at suppressing the active action of the enzyme PDE-51. So Penegra 100 mg affects the appearance of an erection, opening the tissues of the penis for filling with blood. And it does not matter whether the psychological or physiological problem fetters the sexual attraction of a man.

Advantages: why should you buy PENEGRA 100 mg?

Most men often remain alone with their problems. Instead of consulting with specialists, they simply deny themselves the pleasure and veto their intimate life, not realizing that their decision restricts their chosen ones. If erectile dysfunction has become your secret problem, evaluate the benefits of an effective drug now to make an important purchase.

Undeniable advantages of the drug:

  • safe components of the PENEGRA preparation;
  • immediate effect;
  • elimination of impotence (in all manifestations);
  • increased sensations during intimacy.

Thanks to the drug of the new generation you will have a steady erection and as a result an unforgettable splash of feelings in the relationship.


PENEGRA preparation 100 mg includes the maximum daily dose of Sildenafil, so take it one tablet at a time no more often than once a day. To start erectile support, the drug takes time to digest and get into the blood. In this regard, the reception should be done 60 minutes before sexual intercourse. By the way, in spite of the fact that the manufacturer allows us to take a small dose of alcohol with Penegra, we recommend that you completely refrain from this, since this way you will significantly reduce the likelihood of side effects.

Direct contraindications

Before you begin to fight your piquant problem, it is worthwhile to study the instruction. Excluding contraindications. Contraindications include: individual intolerance to sildenafil, problems with the liver, kidneys (in the acute stage). An important stop signal when it is not necessary to drink pills for an erection is the age. Guys who have not reached the age of eighteen should refrain from taking the drug for male power.