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Generic Name: TADALAFIL 10 MG
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Megalis 10 mg, unlike Viagra, not only has a more perfect, safe and effective formula that allows for minimal restrictions on use and possible side effects, in addition, the drug can be combined with alcoholic beverages and fatty foods. The main unique property of Tadalafil is, undoubtedly, a long period of action, reaching one and a half days, this property can not boast of any drug known for today, successfully coping with various sexual dysfunctions.

Tadalafil has a similar mechanism of action with sildenafil (a drug of Viagra) and with vardenafil (a preparation of Levitra). All of them belong to a single pharmacological group of inhibitors of FED5, having a direct effect on the vascular tone. Tadalafil has a double effect, it simultaneously relaxes the tone and strengthens blood circulation in the sexual vessels, which guarantees the appearance of a natural and qualitative erection. It is the delay in the production of enzymes that can qualitatively prolong sexual contact, which is the basis for obtaining high efficiency from the action of Megalis 10 mg.

Another advantage of the drug is the increase in sexual sensitivity, the stronger the erection, the higher will be the sexual susceptibility, which will make it possible not only to prolong sexual contact, but also get maximum pleasure from it. During the active effect of the drug a man is able to make several successful sexual contacts, besides, the time for restoring the forces between sexual contacts is significantly reduced.

The advantages of the drug:

  • A variety of dosage forms and dosages allow you to select a drug for different cases of life;
  • The prolonged exposure time lasts up to one and a half days;
  • Ability to combine with alcoholic beverages and fatty foods;
  • Buy Megalis 10 mg in our online store without a prescription;
  • With the same action, quality and efficiency, along with patented analogs, is much lower in price.

Megalis 10 mg should be used for men who have problems with potency, given the duration of action, compatibility with alcohol, high-calorie food and a high degree of its safety, the drug can be used to obtain a quality erection in case of your lack of confidence in your abilities. However, it is recommended to take the drug for serious problems with erection, when other similar drugs are not sufficiently effective.

Despite the fact that the drug has minimal contraindications and restrictions to admission and buy Megalis 10 mg, we can without a prescription, still start taking the drug should be with the consultative medical help. Your attending physician will objectively assess your health and possible risks to taking the medicine, especially if you need a constant use of the drug.

Megalis 10 dosage

It is recommended to use 20 mg of the drug, the same dosage will be maximum to take within a day. At the initial use it is necessary to begin with reception Megalis 10 mg in a dosage equal 10 mg, in case this dose appears insufficiently, and you do not reach the necessary result it is possible to increase a dosage up to the greatest possible 20 mg.

Using the drug, you should always remember that you need to take Cialis only once a day, while the dosage should not exceed 20 mg, if you take into account the prolonged effect, lasting up to 1.5 days is best to extend the interval between receptions to two days. The active effect of the drug after ingestion begins within 20 minutes, the peak of activity occurs 3-4 hours after taking the remedy, after 24 hours of stay in the body the drug begins to be metabolized in the liver and completely eliminated from the body.