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Malegra FXT 100/40 mg is the newest development in the field of unique preparations combining simultaneously two active functions, effectively defeats any sexual dysfunction and prolongs sexual contact, with the possibility of excluding early ejaculation.

Malegra FXT is the most affordable of the same drugs that can be bought at pharmacies of the city. The basis of the drug is not one, as in conventional drugs, but two components at once.

The first substance is Sildenafil, which forms the basis of the generic Viagra, a powerful drug from the group of selective PDE5 inhibitors, able to cope with any forms of male impotence, increasing blood flow to the genital. The second substance is Fluoxetine, but this combination of antidepressants, but its combination in this preparation, is not to relieve you of the oppressive mood, but to maximally comfortably and naturally prolong your sexual contact and exclude forced ejaculation.

The main mechanism of the action of Sildenafil is based on the inhibition of FED5 and the corresponding blocking of cGMP, which is in turn up the synthesis of nitric oxide, which is what triggers the effective mechanism of selective expansion of the arterioles of the penis and acceleration of blood flow to the cavernous organs of the penis. When there is a sexual desire, this is a mandatory condition for the successful action of the drug.

Fluoxetine is a traditional antidepressant, which has been used for a long time, and which has been used as an effective tool in the fight against forced ejaculation in men. Therefore, to buy Malegra FXT, it means that it is advantageous to cope not with one ailment, but immediately with three: to raise the mood, to prevent early ejaculation and to provide a natural and maximum quality erection.

The main advantages of the drug:

  • A successful combination of two components that can strengthen each other’s action;
  • The drug is effective in all forms of male impotence;
  • Eliminates forced ejaculation;
  • Rapid approach of the result;
  • Price Malegra FXT 100/40 mg is several orders of magnitude lower than those sold in retail pharmacy chains;
  • The positive effect of the effect is more than 10 hours;
  • In addition to direct appointment, it raises the mood productively, enhancing sexual desire.

Of course, this is, first of all, men in the age group, strictly from 18 to 75, who for various reasons have not only potency, but also with premature ejaculation.

Of course, yes, it is a medicinal product and it, like other medicines, has its limitations to use and limitations on compatibility with other drugs. Consultation can be obtained from a wide range of specialists, from your local or cardiologist, to a sex therapist, andrologist or urologist. All of them are well-known all of them.

It is recommended to start using the drug. It is advisable to buy Malegra FXT 100/40 mg and use for 25-30 minutes before the alleged sexual contact. The duration of the drug on average 5-6 hours, in some cases can reach up to 10 hours.

Possible restrictions on admission:

  • The main limitation is not compatibility with other drugs containing nitrates, the drugs used to treat hypertension. Simultaneous reception of these funds leads to a hypertensive crisis, which is very problematic to be quenched;
  • With individual intolerance to one of the components of the drug;
  • If you find severe forms of heart failure, myocardial infarction, strokes and severe arrhythmias, do not take the drug;
  • Severe liver and kidney pathology;
  • Diseases of the blood.

The drug is the newest pharmaceutical development, so you can be sure of its safety and the minimum possible side effects. The remedy is not intended for stimulation, it is a direct effect of drug therapy. The drug does not affect the characteristics of spermatozoa, the hormonal background or the work of the central nervous system. The most common are dyspeptic disorders, headache and allergic rhinitis.