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Malegra 200 – powerful and economical “brother” Malegra 100! Problems with potency got you “to the core”? Sex is important to you and your lover, but in bed, you do not shine? And can you have an age-related loss of potency and libido at the same time? – From all these problems there is a panacea – Malegra 200!

This interesting drug will allow you to achieve an enviable erection for a long time. You not only solve the acute problems with men’s health, but you can save your money! But what is remarkable about this remedy !?

Advantages of Malegra 200 mg

The manufacturer of the drug company SUNRISE RX (India) has endowed it with truly unique properties.

The advantages of Malegra 200 include:

  • guarantees a strong erection;
  • lasts for about 6 hours;
  • quickly leads a man into a “fighting state” with a proper sexual stimulus (sexual image or beautiful girl);
  • minimal contraindications;
  • Possibility to get enchanting sensations from several violent orgasms;
  • a proven manufacturer with a worldwide reputation;
  • the agent has an effect of local significance (only on the genitourinary system), so the remaining organs and systems are not affected;
  • the ability to significantly save on the purchase of the drug. In fact, the main goal of the release of Malegra 200 is to produce a budget generic for economical men. The drug can be consumed by 1/4 tablets, which one-time reduces its cost by 4 times! What could cost even cheaper !?

According to reviews, the drug equally well affects both the elderly and young men. Therefore, we recommend it to customers of different ages. It is interesting and simple “principle of work” Malegra 200 mg.

How does “Malegra 200 mg” work?

The tablet should be taken about 30 minutes before the expected sexual intimacy. In this case, the tablet is washed down with a considerable amount of water. From alcohol it is better to refuse. A heavy fatty food worsens the effect of the medicine. The drug is taken in the amount of not more than 100 mg. If a man has not previously used Viagra generics, then start taking Malegra better with 50 mg. That is, the standard pill is divided into 4 parts.

“The drug works” by analogy with other generics of Viagra. After entering the blood, the substance provides an increased blood supply to the genital organ. This leads him into a state of strong erection. This greatly increases the sensitivity of the head of the penis.

This effect allows you to experience more vivid orgasms for a man. In addition, recovery after ejaculation passes quickly. Such possibilities of the drug allow:

  • to get more pleasure from sex;
  • the possibility to perform several full sexual acts during intimacy;
  • the ability to satisfy even a very sexually demanding partner.

Side effects

According to doctors, as well as feedback from our customers, side effects are extremely rare. However, they are still possible. Among them:

  • short-term vision impairment;
  • temporary local redness of the skin, including on the face;

If you experience one of these symptoms, stop taking the drug immediately. In our store you can purchase another tool to solve your problems. Fortunately, the range of high quality goods we have is quite wide!

For whom Malegra 200 is NOT intended (contraindications)?

If you have one of these diseases, then it is better to stop using the drug:

  • diseases of the cardiovascular system in severe form;
  • stomach ulcer;
  • liver disease;
  • kidney disease and some others.