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Malegra Pro – the fastest drug for potency! Pfizer in 1992 developed the revolutionary active ingredient Sildenafil. Initially, it was intended to be used to treat ischemic disease. But when the scientists tested it on real patients, it turned out that it helps to strengthen the potency. So the unique Viagra medication was invented at that time. A few years later, the pharmacological concern Sunrise Remedies improved the formula of the popular drug. Indian scientists have created the fastest drug for the potency of Malegra Pro. It is designed for resorption under the tongue.


A medical preparation for the potency of “Malegra Pro” is prescribed with absent or weakened erections. The medicine is only for men over 18 years of age. Clinical trials have confirmed high efficacy (up to 95%) of funds in any age group.


The active substance of the drug Malegra Pro is Sildenafil. It refers to blockers of a specific phosphodiesterase enzyme (PDE) type 5. For the appearance of an erection, it is necessary that the blood should flow unhindered to the cavernous bodies. This process is due to the presence in the blood of a sufficient number of cyclic guanylmonophosphate. Enzyme PDE-5 helps to reduce the level of cGMP and, thus, does not give blood to enter the penis. Sildenafil blocks the action of PDE-5 and provides support for the natural process of erection.

Operating principle

The drug “Malegra Pro” is a tablet with a fruit flavor. They are designed for resorption under the tongue. In the sublingual region is a large number of small vessels located directly under the epidermis. Sildenafil penetrates through the skin and the walls of blood vessels during the resorption of tablets. Thus, the active substance enters the blood, bypassing the stomach. Therefore, the speed of appearance of the effect in this drug is higher. This is an ideal option for men with a stomach ulcer.

Advantages of the preparation “Malegra Pro 100 mg”

The drug “Malegra Pro 100 mg” has a lot of advantages. We list only the main ones:

Speed. Due to the unique form of the drug is very quickly absorbed by the body. Tablets for resorption under the tongue provide a quick effect and the absence of gastric irritation.

Pleasant aftertaste. To the composition of the tablets added a natural fruit flavor.

The optimal dose. Each tablet “Fruit Viagra” contains 100 mg of sildenafil. It is proved that this dose is optimal for most men.

Low price. The composition of this drug is a complete analogue (copy) of Viagra. The difference between these two means is only in price. The Indian company Sunrise Remedies excluded expensive forms of advertising from the distribution scheme of the drug, which allowed to offer a more favorable price.