Leeforce 100 mg


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Generic Name: SILDENAFIL-100 MG
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Leeforce 100 mg is not a standard generic repeating the exact formula of a branded drug. This tool, in addition to the powerful formula of the Sildenafil already familiar to you, also contains a whole complex of medicinal herbs that are synergists of sildenafil, which in the end provides not only a more prolonged intimate contact, but also works much more efficiently than Sildenafil in a standard dosage.

As soon as the cavernous bodies of the penis are filled with blood, immediately the penis grows in size and becomes firm, so the usual mechanism of erection occurs. In order for the blood flow to go directly to the penis, sexual stimulation is needed, then the internal humoral factors of the organism come into play, namely, the cyclic hyanosine monophosphate or CGMP is involved. It is produced under the action of nitric oxide and is the key point of the appearance of a long and quality erection.

CGMP completely controls the amount and force of blood flow to the reproductive system, as well as controls its outflow, so the action of sildenafil is aimed at increasing CGMP by blocking another active enzyme PDE5, which contributes to the destruction of CGMP. It is Leeforce 100 mg and medicinal herbs that are part of Leeforce 100 mg actively prevent the decomposition of CGMP into fractions, contribute to its accumulation in the body and, accordingly, a longer erection.

Sildenafil capsules is a new generation drug, it is provided with a more productive formula capable of more effectively solving male problems associated with potency. Active medicinal herbs safely enhance the positive effect of the drug, allowing you to help even in the most difficult situations associated with violations of erectile dysfunction.

Consultation with a doctor before using Leeforce 100 mg is necessary, especially if the use of the drug occurs for the first time. It is necessary to evaluate the capabilities of your body and the compatibility of sildenafil and medicinal herbs that are part of Leeforce 100 and the drugs you use for other diseases.

Possible restrictions on taking the drug:

  • Any manifestations of allergic reactions to the ingredients of the product;
  • Limitations to physical and sexual loads;
  • The intake of nitrate preparations in any form is incompatible with the use of Leeforce 100 mg;
  • With a predisposition to bleeding;
  • At the expressed infringements of work of internal organs.

Use capsules once a day at a daily dosage of 100 mg. It should be noted that the capsules are much faster than tablets, so use Sildenafil in capsules should not be for 40-50 minutes, as happens when taking a standard form of tablets, and 20-25 minutes before sexual contact. Medicinal herbs that are part of the drug even more contribute to the rapid onset of a positive effect, so the drug Sildenafil capsules is productive in the most difficult situations.

The main advantages of Leeforce 100 mg (capsules):

  • Capsules contribute to a faster onset of a positive result, which is especially useful for unplanned sexual intercourse;
  • Active substance Sildenafil in combination with herbs, enhancing its effect, provides potent potency for a longer period;
  • Medicinal herbs help quickly cope with stressful situations, increasing vitality;
  • Stimulate spermatogenesis.

Side effects

When using Leeforce 100 mg, negative effects are observed in about 15% of cases. This percentage can be significantly increased if you take the drug in combination with alcohol or exceed the daily dosage equal to 100 mg, so the use of Sildenafil Super Active should not be accompanied by potentially dangerous actions, for example, driving the car until you know exactly how the drug acts individually on you.

Dizziness or even loss of consciousness can occur when consuming hot drinks, being in the heat or at elevated body temperature. Once you feel bad, you should sit or lie down, in case the symptoms become worse, you need to seek medical help.

Other frequent side effects will be redness of the face and neck area, due to a sharp flow of blood to the face area. Also, one in seven patients observes the inability to distinguish between blue and green colors, as well as dyspepsia. In general, with strict adherence to dosage, the drug is well tolerated without causing side effects, especially with repeated administration.