Kamagra Effervescent 100 mg


Manufacturer: AJANTA
Package: 1 VIAL X 7 PILLS

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Remember the hilarious advertisement of Uppsarin Oops, where the effervescent tablet quickly dissolved in a glass of water? Thanks to this method of reception, you could drink a delicious drink instead of bitter tablets. Now this opportunity is open to potential regulators. Kamagra Effervescent is a soluble pop pills with a pleasant orange flavor.

More about the preparation

In fact Kamagra Effervescent can be called soluble Viagra, because both of these drugs are based on an identical active ingredient – Sildenafil. It is thanks to Sildenafil that the drugs in question provide an erection to men with impaired potency, because getting into the blood, it removes a certain blockage from the tissues of the penis and allows them to be filled with blood.

Kamagra Effervescent is manufactured by a reliable Indian pharmaceutical company Ajanta Pharma. Their “Viagra-fizz” from the very beginning proved to be a super effective drug. Our research Kamagra Efferverscent in showed that the drug is made from quality raw materials according to the optimal formula, as close to the reference Viagra. Also, the formula of effervescent Kamagra underwent some changes necessary to increase the solubility properties.

The main advantage of soluble Kamagra before tableted is its suction speed. Due to this property, the appearance of an erection after taking the drug is significantly reduced. If the usual Camagra or Viagra should be taken an hour before the planned sexual intercourse, the soluble Kamagra can bring you into combat readiness after 40 minutes. So, if you love Sildenafil, but you often have to restrain your passion in anticipation of the beginning of the drug, buying Kamagra Effervescent will be an excellent solution. By the way, to speed up the action of Sildenafil, you can also choose Viagra soft – a generic of “blue tablets” in the form of a dragee.

Buy soluble “Viagra”, we also recommend to men, for whom conspiracy is very important. You can easily give out tablets Kamagra Effervescent for soluble Vitamin C. By the way, you can even transfer them into the package from such vitamins, then no one will definitely have questions left. So you definitely will not need to hide from your lady or a fun company to prepare for a night of love.

Side effects and contraindications

Side effects and contraindications Kamagra Effervescent is no different from Viagra and its other generics, because these characteristics depend on the active substance, which, as we know, all these drugs have one. Contraindications for these drugs are few, and side effects are unlikely, but still, before you buy a soluble Kamagra or any other sildenafil, be sure to consult your doctor.