Kamagra Chewable Tablets 100 mg


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Kamagra Chewable Tablets 100 mg – an alternative to Viagra in the form of gel (jelly). Monotony bothers you. Even the most wonderful thing in the world after a while of its use can be boring. This problem is especially relevant among companies developing potency regulators, because they produce their drugs only in the form of tablets. Therefore, it is not surprising that Pfizer, which does not represent new forms of its famous Viagra preparation, has more enterprising competitors. One of them was the company Ajanta Pharma, which released a generic Viagra in the form of a gel – KAMAGRA CT-100 MG.

The principle of action of the “gel KAMAGRA CT-100 MG”

To understand the principle of the Kamagra Chewable Tablets, it is important to understand the physiology of the appearance of an erection. In a calm, sexually not excited state in the body of men, an enzyme is activated that blocks powerful blood flows to the penis so that the erection does not appear when it is not necessary. But during sexual stimulation the brain activates antiferments that suppress the activity of enzyme-blockers, due to which the vessels of the genital organs expand, the penis becomes filled with blood and erect.

In men with erectile dysfunction, the work of producing anti- enzymes has been disrupted, so they just need help from the outside. This is what the KAMAGRA CT-100 MG is. Thanks to the included Sildenafil KAMAGRA CT-100 MG selectively inhibits enzymes-blockers, opening the body for the powerful blood flow needed for an erection. As you can see, everything is very simple!

Advantages and disadvantages

Kamagra Chewable Tablets 100 mg is a potency regulator not in tablets, but in a gelatinous form (it is because of the form that this preparation is often called Viagra jelly). This form does not affect the main action of the drug in any way, since the active ingredient Sildenafil entering it does not differ from the famous basic prototype. Nevertheless, it has some differences, which can be perceived as both advantages and disadvantages.

The main advantage of Kamagra Chewable Tablets 100 mg can be attributed to its improved speed of action. This is due to the fact that in the mouth of a person under the tongue there are veins that instantly take Sildenafil. And in the case of tablets, they first need to go to the stomach, digest, get into the blood and then act. So if you decide to buy Kamagra gel, a handicap in 10-15 minutes you are provided.

Also to the pluses of Kamagra Chewable Tablets 100 mg is its autonomy. This means that the drug does not require any additional devices for admission. That is, for example, for Viagra or its generics in the form of tablets you need water, for pops – water and dishes, and for the gel you do not need anything. So with the drug jelly KAMAGRA CT-100 MG you can take the drug when you are comfortable, not looking for the reception of the ideal moment.