Filitra 20 mg


Generic Name: VARDENAFIL-20 MG
Package: 3 STRIP X 10 PILLS

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Filitra: mint freshness for real men! Problems with potency became a scourge of modern men. A few decades ago, erectile dysfunction was considered one of the precursors of old age, but today it can be confronted by still young men – the problems with the environment, a stressful lifestyle and constant stress can not but affect men’s health. However, it is not necessary to put up with such a disease – millions of men all over the world prefer to buy Filitra, to re-experience the joy of intimacy.

Features of the Litter

Filitra 20 mg is one of the generics of Levitra, known for its unmatched efficacy and minimal side effects. The active substance of the drug – Vardenafil – inhibits the phosphodiesterase of the fifth type, which inhibits the blood supply of the penis at the time of excitation. This provides a powerful and long lasting erection with the proper sexual stimulation.

Buy Even 20% of those who do not tolerate the taste of drugs – unlike most tablets, it does not have any medical smells. At the same time, the effect of the drug does not take long to wait – after 60 minutes the body will be completely ready for all the delights of a full-fledged sexual life. However, it is not necessary to hurry, because the action of the tablets lasts about 6 hours.

Who is shown the generic?

To buy Filitra, it is better to get recommendations from a doctor for this, but if you are sure of your health, your desire to feel self-confidence and to experience a bright sensation from intimate affinity will be quite enough. the drug is sold without a prescription. However, we would still like to draw your attention to some limitations:

  • like any potency regulator, Filitra is not recommended for young people under 18;
  • the presence of cardiovascular pathologies, though not an absolute contraindication, but still forces a man to be more careful not to abuse the generic.