Filagra Oral Jelly 100 mg


Generic Name: SILDENAFIL -100 MG

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To buy Filagra 100 mg – the right choice! What is the potency for men? This is self-confidence, and therefore in the future, in their power and place in society. Male power is the pride of each of us. Sometimes stress, excess weight, chronic diseases, nervous conditions and health problems limit the sexual activity of any alpha. It is at this moment that the problems with self-esteem and anger against oneself begin, different troubles develop. But there is a solution. It’s not just a medicine, it’s a way out of a vicious circle of difficulties. It’s time to buy Philagra!

Features and methods of action

The drug is suitable for those who have small snags with potency, and those who just want to increase pleasure. If you have a romantic adventure, buy Filagra will be an excellent solution, because the drug is guaranteed to protect you from possible misfires.

The product is an erectile stimulator, that is, it simply regulates the level of nitrogen in the cavernous bodies of the penis. Because of this, the penis can again take enough blood for a stable erection. The active substance of the preparation Filagra 100 mg is Sildenafil, the duration of which is about 5 hours, and the speed of action is 60 minutes. That is, just take the tablet Filagra, and just an hour later the joy of sex is back with you!

One of the reasons why we recommend buying Filagra 100 mg is its price. This drug is a certified generic Viagra, that is an exact copy of the drug, but with one huge difference. His producer did not spend fabulous sums on the development and advertising of his funds (as did the manufacturers of Viagra), and therefore provided a minimum cost for the final buyer.

A warning!

Be sure to pay attention to contraindications. In some diseases it is worth applying Filagra with caution. Also, carefully read the annotation: it is better not to combine the preparation with fatty foods and strong alcohol.


One tablet of Filagra and you will want to dive again and again into the abyss of passion. Thanks to the drug, the recovery period between acts will be reduced, and pleasure will increase. Now many representatives of the stronger sex all over the world use drugs that affect the potency. Try and you! After all, Filagra will provide you with more than just sex, but will also become a pledge of healthy, gentle relations with your chosen one!