Extra Super P Force


Manufacturer: SUNRISE
Package: 1 STRIP X 4 PILLS

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Capsules of the Extra Super P-Force very quickly dissolve and throw into the blood active ingredients that provide a sense of unlimited sexual desire and possibilities.

The advantages of the drug:

  • Almost instantly there is a strong erection;
  • The blood vessels of the genital organ expand;
  • Muscular and cerebral activity is increased;
  • The output of growth hormones is stimulated;
  • Increased sperm production;

Enhanced with natural ingredients, the Extra Super P-Force is an improved version of the popular formula. It is available in the form of dark capsules and enhances blood flow to the male genital organs. The main active chemical ingredient of the drug remains sildenafil, which is not recommended to mix with strong spirits and fatty foods. This combination can cause a decrease in the sensitivity of the phallus and reduce the working time of the drug.

Pharmachologic effect

For the emergence and persistence of male erection respond, consisting of venous vessels and muscles, erectile tissues of the penis, which are controlled by the autonomic nervous system. Harmonious, joint work of hormones, nerve endings, blood vessels and muscles during sexual stimulation and admission Extra Super P-Force guarantees the highest possible sensation during sexual intercourse. The drug reduces the pressure in the pulmonary artery and blocks the destruction of CGMP, prolonging its effect. Thus, the blood fills the phallus and stays there for a longer period, prolonging the time of the erection.

Mode of application

The maximum effect is provided by taking the Extra Super P-Force capsule 8-10 minutes before the planned sexual intercourse.


  • There was tearing, itching or other allergy symptoms;
  • You are not recommended for sexual activity;
  • You consume nitrates (nitroglycerin) or stimulants (amyl nitrite).

Side effects:

  • redness of the face;
  • nausea;
  • diarrhea;
  • light color blindness (confused blue and green colors);
  • nasal congestion;