ELI 20 mg


Manufacturer: AUROCHEM
Generic Name: TADALAFIL 20 MG
Package: 1 STRIP X 10 PILLS

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Nowadays a wide variety of drugs is produced to increase the potency and increase the erection in men.

One of them is the drug Eli-20 manufactured by the well-known Indian pharmaceutical company Aurochem, the active substance of which is Tadalafil.

This generic is valid for 48 hours and this is a record for the duration of exposure among similar medical devices. Reviews about the drug are extremely positive and note the stable and long-term effectiveness of application and low price.

It should be taken into account that the effect of the generic drug occurs only with sexual stimulation. Immediately after taking the drug, the sexual organs are saturated with blood and this causes a stable erection. Eli-20 is effective at any age and is compatible with alcoholic beverages and a variety of food products, which is its big plus. But, it should be borne in mind that the consumption of alcohol can reduce the erection.

Having won wide circulation all over the world, the preparation Eli-20 in something even pushed back other preparations of a similar action.

The benefits of Eli-20

  • efficiency 36-48 hours;
  • the effect on the vast majority of men, including those suffering from diabetes;
  • rapid absorption (the action begins after 30 minutes);
  • minimum level of side effects;
  • compatibility with liquor and any food.

Many questions concerning this drug for enhancing potency are discussed in the article Cialis and the peculiarities of its use.

Application and dosage

Eli-20 is recommended to drink about 200 ml of water. The standard dose is 10 mg, i.e. half a tablet. The maximum daily dose is 1 tablet (20 mg).

For men over 60 years old, a similar dosage of the drug is also suitable. Generic Cialis should not be taken more than 1 time per day, which is due to its long time of exposure to the body.

Alcohol and food do not weaken the effect of Tadalafil on the body. The drug starts to act about 30 minutes after taking and reaches its maximum efficiency after 2 hours. It lasts up to 48 hours from the time it was taken, and the stable erection persists for the next day.

Erection is a natural way: it comes only with sexual arousal and disappears after ejaculation. When taking Eli-20 course, after 3 – 5 receptions, there is an increase in the effect of the effect on the body.

Possible side effects

  • slight pain in the temples;
  • nasal congestion, rhinitis;
  • pain in the lower back or back.

Side effects with time decrease and completely disappear after 48 hours after taking the generic. However, when taking an increased dose, the likelihood of their appearance increases.