Duratia 90 mg


Generic Name: DAPOXETINE 90 MG TAB
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We did not in vain use the first line of the song about Africa in the title. After all, when it comes to the most powerful prolongator Duratia 90 mg – the word “long” pops up in consciousness first. At the heart of this drug is the lethal dose of Dapoxetine, which is guaranteed to prolong your sexual intercourse to 30, and in some cases up to 50 minutes, forcing your partner to succumb to pleasure. Therefore, if you decide to buy Duratia 90 mg, you will definitely forget about premature ejaculation.

The principle of Duratia 90 mg

As mentioned above, the active substance of the drug is Dapoxetine. The principle of its action is based on a special effect on the central nervous system of a man, in which the drug simply blocks the brain’s commands for ejaculation. Therefore, no matter how sexy your partner is, and no matter how early your ejaculation without Duratia is 90 mg, you will definitely be able to hold out as long as possible. It does not have to think about football or anything else, distracting from sweet thoughts about one of the most enjoyable pursuits.

Reception Features

In order to reach the maximum concentration of Dapoxetine at the right time, it is better to take Duratia 90 mg 45 minutes before sexual intercourse, although in some men (with hypersensitivity to Dapoxetine) this may occur in the 25th minute. It should be noted right away that it is strictly forbidden to take Dapoxetine together with alcohol, since you can cause irreparable harm to your health by causing unpredictable side effects. Also, Duratia 90 mg has restrictions on admission with some other kinds of medicines, therefore, before taking it, be sure to read this list.

A warning!

Here we will not write about contraindications and side effects, all this information can be found on the relevant sites. We want to warn you that buying and applying Duratia 90 mg is a decision that you need to think about. In many respects, the power of Duratia’s influence on the body of a man depends on its unique characteristics, therefore, for some men, even a thirty-mile dose is enough.