Duratia 30 mg


Generic Name: DAPOXETINE 30 MG TAB
Package: 1 STRIP X 10 PILLS

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Dapoxetine Duratia 30 mg helps to get rid of premature ejaculation. Buy Duratia 30 mg at a price of 110 rubles per tablet can be in just a minute. The drug is effective for 2 hours after taking the pill and during the period of treatment it guarantees getting rid of premature ejaculation, helping to prolong the sexual intercourse several times.

Duratia-30 contains the active ingredient dapoxetine 30 mg. Getting into the body, dapoxetine blocks the transmission of nerve impulses, which during intimacy come from the head of the genital to the brain. Thus, the onset of orgasm occurs after a longer time than usual. Dapoxetine Duratia 30 mg allows you to prolong sexual intercourse and prevent premature ejaculation.

The dosage of 30 mg of dapoxetine will be optimal for men to whom a standard dosage of 60 mg seems too large. Also, to start taking the drug to prevent premature ejaculation, it is better to start with a dosage of 30 mg. In this respect, Duratia-30 is the optimal solution.

Using Duratia-30, you can increase the duration of sexual intercourse by at least 4 times and eliminate premature ejaculation, which often interferes with the full satisfaction of the partner and lowers the male self-esteem.

Duratia-30 is a comprehensive solution in the fight against premature ejaculation. The tablet is taken half an hour before the planned sexual intercourse. It is not recommended to drink alcohol together with the drug. As a result, your partner will appreciate your sexual abilities!