In the relationship between men and women, an integral part is the kamagra oral jelly sexual component, which is of great importance for both sexes. For a long time the ability of men to perform a full sexual intercourse was considered the main characteristic of masculinity, and in many cultures of the world they think so even to this day. Moreover, active sexual life contributes to an increase in vitality, mood, and a beneficial effect on the entire body.

use of the kamagra oral jellySexual health of a man is part of the overall emotional and physical health. And such a violation of sexual function as erectile dysfunction, although not life-threatening, is a serious problem for the whole society. Many men with erectile dysfunction suffer in silence, believing that they must put up with it, writing off everything for age, stress, ecology, because with this, still nothing can be done about it. But you can cope with the problem, since dysfunction does not imply irreversible violations and is amenable to correction.


Erectile dysfunction is determined by the inability of a man to achieve and / or maintain an erection at a level sufficient to commit sexual intercourse. This condition is so widespread that scientific conferences and symposiums are devoted to it, and dozens of scientific monographs are devoted to its separate types. Erectile dysfunction is detected in about 40% of men aged 40-50 years, half of those surveyed at the age of 50-60 years and about 70% of people over 60. It should be noted that the increase in the number of men with erectile dysfunction can be partly explained by the steady increase in the prevalence of risk factors for this pathology – diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, trauma and surgical interventions on pelvic organs, taking certain medicines, smoking, low physical activity, psychoemotional stresses, etc. Also every year there is a noticeably younger contingent of men suffering from a violation of sexual function.

Erectile dysfunction to date – a huge and serious problem, which puzzled a large number of men. During sexual intercourse, they do not get an erection or they are difficult to maintain, so they can not fully enjoy, which is part of our lives. As a result, various disorders and a decrease in vitality can occur.

The causes of the development of erectile dysfunction:

– organic, caused by vascular, neurological, hormonal disorders, as well as damage to the cavernous body of the penis;

– psychogenic, caused by the central suppression of the mechanism of erection without physical trauma;

– mixed, caused by a combination of organic and psychogenic factors.

However, thanks to research and innovative developments, which are carried out by scientists in the field of pharmacology, a modern man has the opportunity to effectively solve the problem of erectile dysfunction. And this decision was the development of sildenafil, a selective inhibitor of the enzyme PDE-5, thanks to which there is an active enhancement of the relaxing effect of nitric oxide on the smooth muscles of the cavernous body and an increase in blood flow in the penis. The use of sildenafil Kamagra oral jellyin clinical practice has revolutionized the treatment of patients with erectile dysfunction. Sildenafil is indicated for use in the treatment of patients with this pathology of both organic and psychogenic etiology. Due to the relatively high level of safety of this substance, the medicines in which it is included.

Today, men have the opportunity to take advantage of this tool thanks to the company “Ajanta Pharma”, which represents kamagra oral jelly in the domestic pharmaceutical market.

Sildenafil, which is part of this medication, is indicated for use in the treatment of patients suffering from a violation of the sexual function of both organic and psychogenic etiology. The effectiveness of sildenafil reaches 60-85%, depending on the etiology and pathogenesis of erectile dysfunction, as well as concomitant pathology. In the study, when taking sildenafil in doses of 25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg, erection improvement was noted in 62%, 74%, 82% of patients, respectively. In addition to improving erectile function, ICEF analysis (international index of erectile function) showed that treatment with sildenafil also increases orgasm and satisfaction from sexual intercourse. Effective sildenafil requires sexual arousal.

Sildenafil, possessing pronounced efficacy and prolonged action, characterized by the rapidity of the onset of therapeutic effect, the absence of toxic and serious adverse reactions, is the gold standard in the treatment of patients with erectile dysfunction.

Thanks to the company “Ajanta Pharma” and its preparation kamagra oral jelly,  men can use this product in a new form: in the form of a gel for oral use, which is consumed directly from the sachet, or dissolved in any soft drink.

This form of the drug kamagra oral jelly as a gel has a number of advantages. First, it is the speed of the onset of the effect, since the active substance of the drug is in a dispersed state. This allows the drug kamagra oral jelly to act faster than its counterpart in tablets. Secondly, patients who have difficulty in swallowing tablets and treat them with prejudice will rather prefer a delicious gel. Finally, the form of the preparation in the form of a gel provides various methods for its use. In addition, what is kamagra oral jelly has a pleasant pineapple taste.


The peculiarities of application of kamagra oral jelly are the same as those noted in any drug containing sildenafil. For example, a patient should consult a physician before using it, especially for men suffering from cardiovascular, liver or kidney disease, as well as visual impairment (degenerative changes in the retina).

The recommended dose of the drug is 1 packet (50 mg of sildenafil), which is taken approximately 1 hour before intimacy. Taking into account the effectiveness and tolerability, the dose can be increased to 100 mg – this is the maximum recommended dose, and the maximum recommended frequency of reception is 1 time per day. The activity of sildenafil is better manifested when taking the drug on an empty stomach. Alcohol should also be avoided, as this can lead to increased side effects.

The drug kamagra oral jelly:

  • acts quickly – the maximum effect of sildenafil occurs within 30-60 minutes, the onset of the action of the substance manifests itself after 14 minutes;
  • it is strong – up to 85% of patients taking sildenafil were noted to improve;
  • acts long enough – sildenafil acts up to 12 h 

Kamagra oral jelly has a fast, long and effective action, is well tolerated, has high quality and affordable price.

As a result of a clinical study conducted on the basis of the Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education and the Institute for Advanced Training of Doctors, scientists suggest the use of the kamagra oral jelly preparation also for the treatment of vascular disorders of the reproductive system, since this drug causes an increase in the linear rates of arterial inflow to the organs of the male reproductive system – prostate, testicles, penis. This indicates a vasculogenic effect of taking kamagra oral jelly in relation to the male sexual system and the prospects of using in the case of such diseases of the reproductive system as chronic prostatitis and excretory infertility, which require improvement of local organ blood flow.

The drug kamagra oral jelly is designed to help patients regain their “masculine strength”, feel the fullness and joy of life!