Levitra is a drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction from the German company Bayer. Many levitra tablets pharmaceutical companies also produce generics with the same name, which have the same degree of effectiveness as the original drug. How do Levitra tablets work? How often can you use this way to restore your erection, and how to properly take this stimulant?

How Levitra works on men

The main active ingredient of such tablets is vardenafil. It affects the parts of the brain that are responsible for sexual arousal. As a result, blood circulation in the cavernous bodies of the penis increases, which leads to an erection during stimulation of the penis or other erogenous zones.

The principle of Levitra is simple: the drug blocks a chemical component that prevents the blood from entering the penis, which causes the brain to give certain signals, which activates the release of a chemical responsible for the normalization of blood circulation in intimate organs.

The period of action of the drug is approximately 5-6 hours, the exact time depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. Of course, this does not mean that the erection will not stop for several hours: you can make sexual intercourse at a convenient time. Levitra starts to act about 15-25 minutes after taking the pill.

How Levitra tablets look like

The medication is available in the form of tablets that have a round and biconvex shape. Tablets have a characteristic yellow-orange hue, in addition, they are engraved on both sides: the designation of the dosage in figures and the brand name of the company Bayer.


In some batches a grayish tint of tablets is allowed. Knowing what the drug looks like will help you avoid buying a counterfeit, which can be dangerous to your health.

How Levitra works

The action of this medication is based on the blocking of a chemical called PDE-5 and the increase in the production of nitric oxide, which is excreted by nerve endings in the genitals during sexual levitra tabletsstimulation. As a result, the flow of blood into the cavernous bodies of the penis increases, there is pressure, which leads to a full erection.


Many representatives of the stronger sex are interested in the question of the duration of the drug, because you need to calculate the exact time of taking the pill before a romantic date, besides, nobody wants to get into an awkward situation with a woman.

The average duration of Levitra is 5-6 hours. The exact time depends on the individual characteristics of the patient and the attendant factors. So, if you have consumed alcohol and eat a bite of fatty foods, be prepared for the effect that the duration of the effect will decrease somewhat. Dosage is also important: tablets with a small dose of vardenafil may not work for serious levitra tablets violations of erectile function or act for a short period.

Since the drug begins to act only after 15-25 minutes, it is recommended to take the pill beforehand.

What kinds of Levitra are there?

Levitra is available in several forms. You can buy a different dosage (5, 10 and 20 mg). This means that one tablet contains 5, 10 or 20 mg of active ingredient vardenafil. The exact form of the tablets is determined by the doctor, depending on the severity of the pathology and overall health of the man.

A traditional stimulant is the usual film-coated tablets that are required to be washed down with water. However, not all men are comfortable with this method of reception. During the rendezvous, there is not always time to find a glass of water and drink a pill to them: all these actions are quite noticeable, and you absolutely do not want to admit your companion in your secret.

For such cases, a special type of drug is provided – Levitra Soft. These are sublingual tablets, which are completely dissolved in the oral cavity within 1-2 minutes. Tablets have a neutral taste, so they do not need to be washed down with water. The drug Levitra Soft is available in a dosage of 20 mg. This is one of the most potent stimulants, which can be taken with serious erectile dysfunction, if you do not have contraindications to such treatment. The duration of this drug is approximately 12 hours, while the effectiveness is not affected by alcohol and fatty foods (the only levitra tablets question is the safety of such a combination for your health).

Why are more and more men using Levitra?

At the moment, pharmacological companies are releasing more and more new drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Levitra has long ceased to be the only known stimulant of potency, more and more men prefer to choose more effective and modern means.

Why is Levitra so popular among the stronger sex? Here are several reasons for this popularity and relevance:

  1. The drug is safe. Many experts say that it is Levitra that has the safest composition that leads to extremely rare occurrence of side effects. That’s why men who suffer from diabetes and other diseases can use this medication.
  2. Variability of dosages is another argument in favor of Levitra. You can choose 5, 10 or 20 mg levitratablets depending on your health status, contraindications and the degree of erection disorder. If necessary, you can gradually increase the dosage without risk to health.
  3. The minimum number of contraindications. Unlike other drugs of similar action, which have a lot of contraindications, written in the instructions for a whole page, Levitra has only a few restrictions, which makes it possible to take it to men with some health problems.
  4. Attractive cost stimulant. Of course, the original drug is still quite expensive, but you can buy no less effective generic Levitra: a low price allows you to buy levitra tablets several tablets at the same time. Practice shows that it will be especially advantageous to buy in online pharmacies.
  5. Possibility to take a pill without washing it with water (this concerns the version of Levitra Soft). Not every potentia stimulant has such a useful function.
  6. Really proven effectiveness. The drug helps the vast majority of men, including those who suffer from severe impairment of potency. Despite the rather mild composition, the effectiveness of Levitra is confirmed by clinical studies and numerous reviews of men.

In other words, Levitra is really an effective and inexpensive drug, which is why it is very popular among buyers.

Why do men start taking Levitra?

Stimulants of potency are common medicines that have been tried by the vast majority of men of mature age. Unfortunately, the problem of erectile dysfunction gradually “gets younger”, so a stronger sex of reproductive age is increasingly being used to help the magic tablets. Why do patients start taking Levitra?

The main reason is a decrease in testosterone levels in the blood with age. This is quite natural phenomenon, which leads to a decrease in sexual desire. This condition can be completely corrected with the help of stimulants, if a man in adulthood has no contraindications for taking Levitra.

However, there are other causes of erectile dysfunction, among which we can distinguish the following:

  • a drop in testosterone concentration in the blood due to hormonal imbalance (for example, in case of disruption of the endocrine system);
  • constant nervous or physical overstrain, stressful situations;
  • wrong lifestyle, bad habits, alcohol abuse;
  • malnutrition, abundant amounts of fatty foods and insufficient intake of protein foods;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • taking certain medicines that have a depressing effect on sexual desire (antidepressants, psychotropic drugs, neuroleptics);
  • problems of a psychological nature (lack of confidence in themselves and their abilities, psychological complexes in relation to their appearance);
  • inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system (for example, prostatitis).

All this can lead to erectile dysfunction in one or another stage of development or to temporary problems with potency. At the same time, not every man has time and desire to visit a doctor who will prescribe levitra tablets numerous body examinations. In this case, it is much easier for a patient to order at Levitra’s pharmacy and quickly restore potency for one evening.