Levitra tablets have a place with the pharmacological gathering of medications for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. They are utilized to treat men’s impotence.



how long does levitra lastLevitra tablets looks as a round shape, biconvex smooth surface, and light yellow shading. The primary dynamic substance of the medication is vardenafil. Its substance per pill is 5, 10 and 20 mg dosages.

Levitra is created as tablets secured with a film covering. The shade of tablets for men is light orange, and it might fluctuate to dark orange. The state of a tablet is round, curved on the two sides, its surface is somewhat unpleasant by feel. A particular qualification of the exclusive German tablets is an engraving of figure 5 on one side and the Bayer organization’s cross on the opposite side.

Levitra tablets ought to be swallowed down paying little mind if you take food or not. The tablets ought to be taken with enough water. The prescribed introductory portion of the medication is 10 mg, which ought to be taken 30 to an hour prior to the sexual involvement. Take Levitra tablets close to once per day. Contingent upon the medication tolerability, the measurements might be diminished to 5 mg or expanded to a most extreme day by day portion of 20 mg. With the attendant decline in the liver useful movement, the portion of the medication ought to be decreased to 5 mg. The primary impact of Levitra endures as long as four hours. A few men may have long term results of one to two days.




levitra 20mgThe less Levitra you take, the better. The littler dosages have less reactions, and in the event that a littler portion will work for you, a bigger portion will presumably not work better. The most conservative approach to purchase Levitra is to buy 20 mg tablet. Utilize a pill splitter which can be bought from a drugstore to help you partition a tablet into four sections (5 mg each). At first attempt 5 mg. If any chance that this portion does not work, you can attempt 10 mg or 20 mg. 20 mg is the most extreme Levitra portion. You ought not to take more than the greatest portion, it won’t work better, and it isn’t sheltered, since the medication was not endorsed at higher dosages. Levitra will be consumed all the more gradually by more established individuals, particularly men more than 65, so they can frequently have similar advantages with a lower portion. The utilization of specific medications can likewise make littler portions progressively appropriate. Talk about with your doctor every single other prescription you take before taking Levitra. Individuals will have different effects with Levitra.




Levitra may begin work inside your body for about 15 minutes, however it can take as long as an hour until the point that it works. Exceptionally greasy nourishment can back off the procedure of the medication retention. However, there will be a chance that the span of activity goes on for additional, 4 hours – it is typical, yet on the off chance that you have an erection amid 2 hours continually – that is called priapism, it might be unsafe and you should contact your medicinal services supplier.




The basic impact of Levitra has the accompanying positive changes like erectile capacity enhances adequately, recuperation after sexual closeness comes in the most limited conceivable time, sexual intensity comes back to typical, health of genital framework enhances, and sexual intercourse gets longer. In the wake of taking only one Levitra tablet you can depend on getting four – ten erections and the length of one demonstration of closeness might be at the very least 15 minutes which sometimes reach for an hour.




Before you begin taking Levitra tablets, you should cautiously read the label. There is various important directions that ought to be focused on, which include:

  • Prior to beginning the utilization of the medication, you have to seek doctor’s advice to decide the state of the cardiovascular framework.
  • The substance can extend the blood vessel vessels, which can prompt a low dimension of fundamental blood vessel weight.
  • The medication cannot be utilized by individuals who are not reasonable for sexual action, specifically with extreme cardiovascular infections.
  • Levitra tablets are not prescribed amid treatment with hostile to arrhythmic medications of class 1A (procainamide) and 3 (amiodarone).
  • The dynamic substance of the medication can communicate with medications from other pharmacological gatherings, so when they are taken it is important to consult a doctor.
  • Levitra tablets are not suggested with regards to extreme hepatic disappointment and renal disappointment, as well as low BP.
  • The normal portion of the medication when utilized together with erythromycin, ketoconazole ought not to be in excess of 5 mg so as to decrease the probability of symptoms.
  • The medication isn’t expected for children and female.
  • Tablets may build the danger of bleeding if there should be an occurrence of attending stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer.
  • It isn’t prescribed to perform work related with are exhausting and fast paced.

While arranging utilization of Levitra, it is essential to correspond every one of the upsides and downsides, considering the proposals, as well as contraindications too. It is fitting to seek counsel with an authority already, since the treatment relies upon explicit criteria of condition of wellbeing.