Levitra (or in other words vardenafil) is actively used to quickly eliminate levitra action the problems associated with maintaining the erection at the required level.

At the moment, Bayer Pharmaceuticals is engaged in the manufacture of the medicine, and sales in all countries are their trading partners GlaxoSmithKline and Schering-Plow.

“Levitra” is prescribed for diagnosing sexual impotence, in particular, the most frequent cases of recourse to a known medication is the patient’s lack of an erection or unstable manifestations when it is impossible to perform sexual intercourse.

For more than one year in a row, Levitra has an official international license for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in all its forms and regardless of the patient’s age (since this drug is primarily for men).

With a temporary inability to achieve an erection, maintain and maintain it during a certain period for sexual intercourse, such a decision becomes the most optimal and reliable option.

  • Getting into the body, the drug as quickly penetrates into the blood and spreads throughout the body, which explains the very rapid reaction after taking.
  • The first signs of activity can be noticed in just 25 minutes (depending on the individual characteristics of each person, the time can be prolonged for 5-15 minutes or, conversely, manifest much earlier).
  • The total time of action of a single dose of the drug is levitra action approximately 4 to 5 hours. As noted by experienced doctors, the maximum level of functioning of the drug in the blood is observed one hour after ingestion – this segment has the peak of the effect, then it only continues to be supported on the planned bar and to fall smoothly to the “no” under the finale.

If you use a Levitra tablet almost at the same time as fatty food, then the effect of the drug will manifest itself much later, and the body will be excreted at times longer (approximately 1 hour) . At the same time and the amount of the drug in the blood will fall by 20%. But on the main purpose of improving the erection this does not affect.

levitra action

When mixed with “harmless” food, such stretch marks are not foreseen in the time frame, in principle, because the main substance in the prescription is 93% interacting with blood proteins, so the complete elimination of the medicine is also an important issue and should be paid no less attention than the dose itself.

  • The official instruction of the Levitra drug emphasizes that the application can be carried out even when there is severe sexual dysfunction – not as a basic medicine, but only as a supplement to the basic course (which explains the free access to pharmacies and the home regimen).
  • Based on the research data, after a month of constant use, even against a background of complete impotence, many participants had a 100% restoration of male strength.
  • Based on similar recommendations, it is worth saying that this drug can be prescribed to the stronger sex, who suffer from premature ejaculation, as a solution levitra action to the related problem.

According to medical practice, tablets can prolong sexual intercourse by delaying ejaculation, and with a whole chain of doses it becomes several times longer than without reception at all.

However, you need to clearly understand the main principle of the “Levitra” – it does not create an erection from scratch, it only strengthens it against the general background of stimulation of sexual life.

Levitra tablets: composition, active substance and principle of action of the drug

For ease of use in medical practice, Levitra is sold in the form of tablets: at the moment it is the only consistency of the drug, therefore any other copies in the form of drops or capsules are fakes.

One tablet contains a certain amount of vardenafil hydrochloride trihydrate: 20, 10, 5 or 2.5 mg, depending on the packaging format. Trying to simplify the purchase of the medicine as much as possible, considering that ideally it should be taken for a relatively long time, both “mini” versions and blocks with a more impressive amount are produced.

For example, in the box there are from 1 to 4 blisters, and also there are pull-out cardboard packs for 1, 2 or 4 compartments. Naturally, the design variation relies solely on the quantity levitra action inside, while the quality and effectiveness of each dose remains at a high level.


The principle of Levitra s action is based on the blocking of a chemical that provokes the outflow of blood from the male sexual organ, by such a targeted action returning it back from the state of erection. It has been repeatedly confirmed in practice that these tablets allow achieving from 5 to 10 erections, and the duration of each attempt is from 15 minutes to an entire hour, so the effectiveness of the drug can not be doubted.

The drug Levitra is developed according to the most advanced technologies, which guarantees a long and constant effect and allows you to immediately distinguish the original from a counterfeit – in the second case, the “result” is characterized only by a single case. Even after taking 1 tablet a man will feel a positive effect.

Rapid assimilation is also ranked in the advantages of this approach, supplemented by such properties as:

  • restoration of potency;
  • complex improvement of the reproductive system;
  • prolongation of the duration of intimate communication;
  • strengthening of erectile function;
  • reduction of recovery time after proximity.

Like any classic tablet, Levitra Original should be taken orally inwards, washed down with a glass of side effects of levitrawater and not chewed – this can spoil the effect of the drug. Approximately the reception should be planned for half an hour or an hour before sex. And, one piece per day levitra action will be more than enough, as shown above facts.

The effect will last at least 6 hours and even if the reception is done 4-7 hours before the sexual intercourse, the erection will be strong enough and will not appear wave-like.

The active substance of Levitra has a number of advantages:

  • easy digestibility;
  • there is no effect on the biological properties of sperm;
  • quick hatchability from the body;
  • a mild form of action;
  • absence of addiction.

After clinical studies, about 80% of men confirmed that their relationship has improved significantly physically, regardless of initial health problems and age.

Side effects of Levitra and major contraindications

Like any medication, Levitra has a number of side effects that differ not only in frequency of manifestation, but also in the main symptoms – not all people taking this medicine experience discomfort even after a positive result.

A large proportion of people in principle do not observe problems with reception and consequences, and the smallest manifestations do not require serious medical treatment or intervention.

In particular, statistics have such data:

  • back pain – 2%
  • headache – 15%
  • redness of the face – 11%
  • upset stomach – 4%
  • runny nose – 9%
  • nausea – 2%
  • dizziness – 2%
  • hints for the flu – 3%

Effects on the cardiovascular system and heart

It is necessary to pay attention to the levitra action opposite details – with advanced forms of diseases of the cardiovascular system or heart there is an increased risk of increasing problems with the brain, pressure or circulatory system as side effects of Levitra.

The peak of danger is directly related to sexual intercourse and orgasm: unlike a natural reaction, even a safe simulator can be the main cause of poor health.

In some cases, this can lead to loss of consciousness, heart attack, stroke or sudden death (due to cardiac arrest). Therefore, it is important to coordinate the drug with a personal doctor if you have any doubts about this.

Effects on vision

In addition, in rare cases, “Levitra” is associated with anterior ischemic optic neuropathy. This ailment levitra dosagedoes not intersect with the way of active life, but if you ignore the initial manifestations, the problem can provoke a sharp (sometimes and final) loss of vision.

If vision deteriorates after taking the pills, you should immediately contact a specialist: a timely reaction allows you to quickly restore the previous state without serious consequences for the eyes. Naturally, an allergy to vardenafil (the main component of the drug) or other auxiliary ingredients also puts the taboo on an artificial way to improve the erection.


The desire of some patients to improve the effect several times led to another face – overdose. In such a combination of circumstances, side effects almost duplicate with the above reactions of the body to intolerance of individual components, however, this time the source is not levitra action their very presence in the product, but an oversupply of quantity.

The most common are temporary pains in the back, in the muscles, problems with vision and coordination of movement. To quickly eliminate the effects of an overdose, it is also worth contacting a specialist as soon as possible.

In general, with Levitra, contraindications act in a typical pattern: the less, the better. Excessive Levitra dosage will not necessarily work with the expected benefit, and when the doses are lower, the risk of experiencing side effects is reduced to zero.

Therefore, if you can not navigate with the necessary portion for you, you can experiment, but only starting from the minimum size.

  • You can take a tablet of 20 mg and cut it into quarters.
  • The first sample is 5 mg, one fragment.
  • If it is seen that there is no effect at all or it is weak (short-term), it can be increased to 10 mg.
  • If it is necessary to repeat the increase – up to 20 mg.
  • Further increase is not recommended, because a single tablet is considered the standard dosage for sexual troubles.